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December 03, 2019
Hi Everyone. Just a quick blog of encouragement. This business can get lonely at times and all the work we do can seem useless at the beginning. But if you believe in yourself and keep pushing forward everyday you will find success!2020 could be the year you break through. Keep your dreams and goals alive. Don't give up it will happen.We have something amazing here at Wealthy Affiliate that you can't find anywhere in the world of affiliate marketing.You can do it! Stay positive, ask questions,
November 29, 2019
I would like to share a free tool I came across on my online searches. The tool is called FAQ Rich Snippet Generator. This tool helps you in getting your webpages into the coveted FAQ box that shows up at the top of the search engine results page.Here is the link to the generator: it a try and maybe your posts will end at the top of the results. I would like to here if anyone has had their pages show up in the covet
Here in America it's Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving should be celebrated by every country in the world. So I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here at Wealthy Affiliate!We truly do have a lot to be thankful for. WA has given me a chance to make it in the affiliate world something I couldn't do without this amazing platform.I would like to thank Kyle, Carson, Jay and all of you who make WA what it is. The best affiliate marketing platform on the planet.In this last year I have been able to
Interested in building a Football Snack Helmet type website like Jay made? If you are great. I'm offering to help the first 10 premium members who PM me with the words "Let's Get Started" in the headline.I have built two of these type websites and have been getting traffic and some sales on Amazon from them. I will need you to go through Jays training series about the snack helmets site. You can find that here => if you're int
November 16, 2019
Today is my one year anniversary at Wealthy Affiliate! The first year went fast and I have learned so much since this time last year. I have started a few websites since then and have accomplished sales from WA and Amazon.As I move forward in my online businesses I expect more traffic and sales for the next year and beyond. Sales are slowly improving and I have Wealthy Affiliate and the training here to thank.Don't Give UpGiving up and throwing in the towel has crept into my mind many times. Bu
November 08, 2019
I came across an easy way to add image margins and color borders to images in WordPress. I made a training on how to do this with a plugin called Advanced Image Styles.Thought I would share this in the Knowledge BITZ series for those who want to know how to add spacing between images in a post. Here's the link to the training: and I hope this training helps!Cheerz,Cory Haasnoot
I finally got my first payment from Amazon. It wasn't a whole lot under $20 and it took almost a year to earn that much from my website efforts but getting that money in the bank really gives you a sense of accomplishment.I have been working my rear off this year. I have learned so much thanks to this platform. I have started a few websites that are starting to get traffic and sales on Amazon.It's not much yet but I suspect over this next year things are really going to start to pick up with tr
October 19, 2019
It's been awhile since I have posted for the Knowledge Bitz Series. I have been busy working on my websites. But anyway here is the sixth bite in the series entitled Facebook Groups.Facebook GroupsIf you haven't yet taken advantage of Facebook Groups I would encourage you to do so. You can start your own Facebook group on any topic that you want. For business purposes you will want to start a group in whatever niche your business is involved with.Facebook is now putting a lot of emphasis on gro
I'm at my wits end! I have tried getting my mobile speed in the green all weekend. I was hoping to get some articles written but this has consumed me the whole weekend and I'm still no farther than I was on Friday.All my posts are in the red for mobile speed and I have tried just about all the plugins that I can find. I have done image optimization and I even bought the WP Rocket plugin that was supposed to do miracles but nothing still in the red.I thought I had it figured out because when I u
September 16, 2019
Hi WA!This is the fifth installment of the Knowledge Bitz series entitled Tables. I'm not talking about tables that you eat on. I'm talking about the tables that you can make for your blog posts that contain information in a structured easy to read fashion.I have heard that Google is actually searching for tables that are in blog posts to find information that their bots can add the question and answer boxes that appear at the beginning of the search results pages. In other words the snippets b