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I would like to wish all Amercans a Happy 4th of July! Today is a special day for our country that was founded back in 1776. America has had many blemishes and triumphs through the years.But all that has happened for good or for bad has made our country a strong country that I'm proud to be a citizen of. Right now like in the past we are going through some trails but I believe we will come out of this stronger than ever!For me it's even a more special day because I was born on this day and shar
The featured snippets that you see at the top of the search engine results pages are becoming more and more important as Google is making these more prevalent. The featured snippets are bold and stand out driving a ton of traffic to the sites that win these coveted spots.So I decided since these spots are so important there must be things you can do to make your chances of winning the featured snippets better.How to WIN the Featured SnippetThere are four types of featured snippets.AnswerListTab
After reading Kyles latest blog post about slow Wordpress themes. You can find it here: decided to switch the theme I was using which was Thrive Theme to the Generatepress theme. Kyle said in his post that Thrive Theme is a slow theme and it will end up hurting the rankings of websites because it is so slow.I liked Thrive themes and had to learn quite a bit but I did get good at it so it was kind o
It’s important to clean up the clutter on your WordPress site from time to time. Just like you would clean your house in the spring. Here is a list of things you can do to better organize and clean up all the unwanted junk on your website so that it’s not only easier to work in which will make you a more efficient webmaster but cleaning your website will also help with speed optimization and make things run more smoothly.Keeping Your Site Spic and SpanUpdate Your PluginsPlugins are
Today I have been going through my old content and seeing what I can improve to help it rank better. I have a lot of posts that rank on page two or three of Google and Bing and I would like to bring them onto page one.So I decided to add information tables where ever possible into my posts. Google loves tables of information and so do readers because they can easily find the information they are looking for just by glancing at a table instead of having to read through the whole post. Tables do
In this rough and tumble business of affiliate marketing, a marketer needs to do a variety of monetization for their websites. One way to make money with your website is by having display ads on your site.To do this you will want to join an advertising network. I have seen that most of the top-earning affiliate marketers make a big chunk of their revenue by displaying ads on their websites. There are hundreds of ad networks out there. Some are better than others.Many of the big ad networks like
Many bloggers apply for Google Adsense but don’t get accepted. I have seen it many times from members of Wealthy Affiliate saying they are not getting accepted. So I decided to provide 9 tips that will help you have a better chance of getting accepted into the Google Adsense advertising network.Get Accepted Into Google Adsense With These 9 Tips1 - Have at least 40 Articles on Your Blog That Are SEO Compliant.These articles should be more than 1000 words in length. The longer the article
There are literally tens of thousands of plugins that you can use on your WordPress website to make life easier. Some of them are good some of them are horrible. In my post for today, I thought I would make a list of the 7 plugins that I personally use on some of my websites.One thing we learn here at WA is not to overload your website with plugins. Having too many plugins will often times slow your website speed down which is something we don’t want to do because site speed affects ranki
April 15, 2020
Looks like Amazon is making it harder and harder for affiliates. Now with them lowering there commissions to 1-3% it's just not worth working with them anymore. I have relied heavily on Amazon for 3 of my websites. I have made a few hundred dollars from there program but have found sales have been going down and what sales I do get is just a few dollars here and there. Nothing that's financially sustainable for the long run.I believe Amazon is phasing there associates program out. That's fine i
Having great headlines for your awesome content is almost as important as the content you write. Because is people don't find your headlines compelling they won't click on them and won't read your content.I came across a cool free tool. Thought I would share it with the community. It's a tool from a company called Coschedule. Type in your headline you are thinking of using in your article and it gives you a score of 1-100. The tool analyzes the overall structure, grammar and readability of the