Google Adsense - 9 Tips to Help You Get Accepted

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Many bloggers apply for Google Adsense but don’t get accepted. I have seen it many times from members of Wealthy Affiliate saying they are not getting accepted. So I decided to provide 9 tips that will help you have a better chance of getting accepted into the Google Adsense advertising network.

Get Accepted Into Google Adsense With These 9 Tips

1 - Have at least 40 Articles on Your Blog That Are SEO Compliant.

These articles should be more than 1000 words in length. The longer the article signals to Google that the article has more in-depth content in it which Google loves.

According to a study done by Backlinko -

The average word count length of pages on the first page of Google is 1,890 words. This proves that Google loves long-form content so you should strive to write at least 2000 word articles if you want a better chance of getting on the first page of Google and a better chance at getting accepted into Google Adsense.

2 - 5 Must-Have Pages

  • Privacy Policy
  • Affiliate Disclaimer
  • Cookie Disclaimer
  • Contact
  • About us

Google wants to know who you are and what you are about before accepting you into their program. They also need to know that you are covering are your legally required bases.

Site Content within side WA has some of these pages as templates that you can configure for your own use. Navigate to Site Content on your dashboard and click on templates in the upper right-hand corner.

3 - Don’t Use Third-Party Ads or Affiliate links

Don’t use affiliate links or third-party ads until after you get approved for Google Adsense. Google doesn’t say not to use them but some people think it’s a good idea to avoid them before you get approved.

I have to say personally I was using affiliate links on my website when I got approved for Google Adsense so take this one with a grain of salt.

4 - Use a Custom Domain and Email Address

Use a custom domain that you purchased and an email address that is domain-specific. When applying for Google Adsense you don’t want to use any of the free email providers like yahoo or Gmail.

You want to set up an email address that is specific to your domain like

admin@ This shows Google that your more likely to be professional and that you mean business. A

Also, have a domain that you purchase don’t use free domains like domains. You can purchase your own top-level domain names right here within WA and you can also create a custom email address to go along with your domain.

Want to purchase a domain and set up an email address at WA? Go to:

  • WA Dashboard
  • Click on Websites in the left-hand menu
  • Click on Site Domains
  • There you can search and register a new domain you can also set up an email address for your new domain by clicking on Site Email in the top menu there.
  • Make sure you are all set-up with Google Analytics and Google search console so Google can track your website traffic and other statistics.

5 - Get a Google Analytics Account and Add The Code to Your Webpages.

Make sure you are all set-up with Google Analytics and Google search console so Google can track your website traffic and other statistics.

The following link leads you to training that Jay did on the subject of Google Analytics:

6 - Work on Site Speed

Make your site as fast as you can by optimizing images and a plethora of other things you can do to tweak your site to make the pages load faster. There are many plugins to help you do this. We now have Kraken that optimizes our images.

Image optimization is one of the best things that we can do to help speed up our websites. Smartketeer wrote a blog series here on WA all about site speed optimization check it out here:

7 - SEO Friendly Theme

Make sure you have an SEO friendly theme. Google wants to see a website that is easy to read for its users and easy to navigate. I personally like the Generate Press theme but there are many others that are SEO friendly.

Here’s a link to an article on the 20 best SEO friendly themes of 2020:

8 - Create an XML Sitemap and Add it in Google Search Console

You will want to make sure you have an XML sitemap for your website that you can add to Search Console. Sitemaps are usually generated automatically in All in one SEO and Yoast. But you can also get a plugin to make one for your website.

Sitemaps help search engine bots crawl your web pages so they can more easily index them and make sense of them. So an XML sitemap is a must-have!

9 - Don’t Apply Until Your Site is 6 Months Old

You will want to wait until your website is at least 6 months old before applying to Google Adsense. The six-month rule is even stated in Googles Policies. Waiting 6 months shows Google that you are not just worried about monetization of your website but that you also focus on quality content for your readers.


Using these 9 tips will better your chances of getting accepted into the Google Adsense network.

So if your website is under 6 months old and you were rejected by Google Adsense don’t worry just follow these tips and wait the allotted time and you will get accepted in the near future.

I would like to hear from people that have been accepted into Google Adsense and how the program is working for you.



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I was never able to get my google analytics set up. Never could find where to paste the code, went back and forth several times looking everywhere for it. Almost as if they went to great lengths to hide it and I finally abandoned it. I wish the instructions were more up to date to prevent this problem because the page could not be found

Hi Glenn,

Check out Jay's video training on how to set up google analytics. That should help you out.




Super helpful. I needed to hear more about the essential elements and also the process.

I have affiliate links, which I put there purely out of ignorance about not knowing the right order of things. Since you were accepted with them there, I'll simply avoid adding more until I've built more of a library of content and been around a while. Is the average time of approval at the 6-month mark, or can it happen sooner, as far as you know?

Thanks again,


I would say 6 months is a good time to apply. As long as you are getting traffic and have at least 30 articles published.

Thank you for this. Glad that I have read about this before applying. I am jotting down ideas to bulk up my content before applying for Adsense. I had one in mind which is a review of a product/service. And I can write in-depth about it. Do you think it's best that I wait out until I get accepted in Adsense before publishing it for more revenue? Or either way, just publish it? Thanks in advance.

It is advised to have a lot of content on your website before you apply for Adsense. Otherwise they might not accept you. So I would advise you to fill up your website with many posts first, then apply for Adsense.

Hi - if you are planning on only using the free website (subdomain) you are given here, then it won't be accepted by AdSense. They do not accept subdomains.

Yes, it's more good getting accept than only apply Google Ads for Wealthy Affiliate!


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