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Last Update: January 12, 2019

Okay everybody. You know this is not something I normally do, but the time has come. I need throw this out there in the community because this is a problem. Maybe you guys can help. I see you all creating a full time income from home because of your website. I want to do it too! I have created great content, gotten some ranked in Google, received traffic and clicks on the affiliate links, and yet no sales. A certain indvidual may have pointed out that it may be lack of content. Maybe. For the record, I have 20 total blog posts on the website targeting the low hanging fruit keywords some of which are not ranked at all because I created them when I was new. I dont recieve ANY comments aside from the ones I request from site comments. If it is the lack of content or something else I need to do, I cannot identify it! What gives?

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JeannineC Premium
Are you only using Amazon? Remember they only have a one-day cookie and the lowest commission rates in the industry. So if your product requires people to consider their purchase for more than a day, you lose.

I know that you are proud of your articles, but has anyone else read them for content, grammar, etc? Often that can be an issue.
Terand Premium
You are doing very well, David, from the way I see! Now you already have so many fellow WA mates giving your awesome advice! I’m also learning at the same time! Thank you for writing the blog! Well done and all the best to your success! :o)
spurway Premium Plus
I know writing content is difficult when you are injured, but you can use voice recording.
It types for you. Kyle had training on this. This is the part of the training from Kyle that talks about the voice recording and typing.
*Note: One thing to consider is dictation to help you with your writing, in particular, if you are a slow typist. I type around 80-100 words per minute and I still use dictation for much of my writing as I can write 180 words per minute using dictation. I was forced to use dictation after I suffered a broken hand (in baseball), and it truly changed the way I work and my overall efficiency went WAY up. Most computers and mobile devices have dictation built into them, or you can consider a more sophisticated platform like Dragon Speech (which is paid).

Mac Dictation (https://www.macworld.com/article/3108658/macs/how-to-use-dictation-on-your-mac.html)

Windows Dictation (https://support.microsoft.com/en-ca/help/14213/windows-how-to-use-speech-recognition)

Dragon Natural Speech (https://www.nuance.com/dragon.html)

Using dictation, just for an example, I was able to write a 1,000-word article in 8 minutes. I, of course, had my article broken down first, but this goes to show you how efficiently you can produce content. Just something to consider!
jvranjes Premium
Do the math and you will realize what you have to do, can tell you it is terribly difficult.

To see what I mean, if you are focused on long tail keywords they will bring organically just a couple of visitors per day. Now assume you have 1000 posts and then assume that 10% of them click your links (which is optimistic) and that 10% of these that clicked buy the product (again too optimistic). This will give you 20 sales per day.

Assume you sell stuff that is $100 per item and you get 10% commission (too optimistic in the case of Amazon). This gives you a full-time income of a few thousand $.

This is all from the first-hand experience. But remember, you have to rank properly to achieve this.
RD40 Premium
I agree with Steve. A lot more posts are needed to generate the results you're looking for. So keep pushing along and be patient.

EMYGrules Premium
I will do that. Thank you for the motivation. For now, I will focus on generating traffic and producing good content. Until then, I will let the money slide for now. I cannot monetize without traffic anyways so I might as well. Thanks.
RD40 Premium
There ya go! All the best to you.