Another Sale! That Makes The Third One!

Last Update: February 23, 2019

Well, its just so exciting. This is finally my third sale and such a sale has prevented my Amazon associates account from being closed. It is nice to know that Wealthy Affiliate works! To date, I have made exactly $6.82 plus the amount of the sale I just made from my website. I want to thank a few people in particular. If you guys are reading this, know that I appreciate your help so much. First, thank you @EddySalomon for your inspiration to let me join WA. It was because of you that I am even here. To this day, I wish there was some way you could get my commission via referals. Maybe one day,we can figure that out. Next, thank you Zed @smartketeer for all of your helpful advice and always being there when I need it most. You are a one of a kind person Zed. Thank you. Next thanks to @Amelita for all of your positivity, your SEO help, and your kindness towards me. That means a ton to someone like myself. You mean a lot just being there. Your friendship is so important to me friend. Finally, another huge thank you to @DianeScorpio for giving me the motivation to continue posting even when I have felt like giving up. You helped me make my first sale and this makes number 3. You my friend, are something special. All of you have made my journey at WA fun and I hold you all to high regards. Thank you all for the help! Onwards and upwards!

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Marley2016 Premium
Congrats knew you could do this great job!!!
KennyLee Premium
Congrats!!. More sales to come for you.
AmyHD Premium
Congratulations and well done.
Spartacus2 Premium
Good job!!!
DianeScorpio Premium
That is brilliant, and I am so pleased for you! I appreciate your thanks and am glad I helped you at a time when you needed it. Onwards and upwards now!