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Hello everybody. I know that most of you are here to make money. People want to know. WHAT IS THE BLOODY SECRET? TELL ME ALREADY! With that, you need to make sales. To make sales, people have to trust that you know what you are talking about. People have to crave your suggestions. If you want to make money by selling others products, the products need to solve a problem that your visitor is trying to solve. Affiliate marketing.For example, my niche is fishing. Love to fish. Many have the proble
Hello everybody. Great to see you! This is just a short post to let you know whats possible. I do not know if anybody else has had this happen before. I had a well functioning site, a ton of visitors, over 50 dollars a month and I needed a website redesign. Had to reupload all my pictures and still have not gotten all of them. Anyways, it was for the best because now I have a new brandable logo, a website that looks much better, and performs much better. What I learned is that although I have l
March 12, 2019
Well, once I tell you what products shipped out to my customers via my website, it will motivate you more to continue working on your website. I have a fishing niche website and got some sales. A rice cooker machine. $69.49. An MP3 player $49.99, a line spooler machine (similar to a review I made) $39.99, Berkley Power Minnow (an actual fishing lure <3) $6.99, and a pair of shark fish lip grippers $13.99. Don't lose hope friends. Work hard and never quit. Quit equals failure.
Well, its just so exciting. This is finally my third sale and such a sale has prevented my Amazon associates account from being closed. It is nice to know that Wealthy Affiliate works! To date, I have made exactly $6.82 plus the amount of the sale I just made from my website. I want to thank a few people in particular. If you guys are reading this, know that I appreciate your help so much. First, thank you @EddySalomon for your inspiration to let me join WA. It was because of you that I am even
Well, ladies and gentlemen, Wealthy Affiliate works. It works! I have just made my two (YES TWO) affiliate sales overnight! That is awesome! I made $1.52! Not a ton, but that is enough to give me confidence to continue! Give me some love my WA family! Took long enough.
Okay everybody. You know this is not something I normally do, but the time has come. I need throw this out there in the community because this is a problem. Maybe you guys can help. I see you all creating a full time income from home because of your website. I want to do it too! I have created great content, gotten some ranked in Google, received traffic and clicks on the affiliate links, and yet no sales. A certain indvidual may have pointed out that it may be lack of content. Maybe. For the r
December 24, 2018
I logged into Adsense today and figured out that I have made exactly $1.06. I made my first sale not to long ago from Amazon. I never made another so the account was closed. Now, I figured out that this first dollar was worth mentioning! The prior sale was only 20 cents! What do you think? Give me some love fam!
December 03, 2018
So I logged into my Amazon Associates account and I saw one item shipped out to a customer. My niche is fishing. The product was a thumb drive. Now I am 20 cents richer. Give me some love fam!
October 06, 2018
Well my fine friends and family, I was actually accepted into Google Adsense. GOOGLE ADSENSE! Do you know how much this pulls at my brain strings? It is hard to believe! Next step, making my first dollar! Wish me luck! I am excited!
September 18, 2018
Well, then. It appears I haven't made one penny via my website yet, but I have made a lot of progress hopefully towards doing so, and I am stoked! I am happy that Wealthy Affiliate provides the badge system because it helps keep everyone motivated. Thank you to Kyle, Carson, Eddy, Jay, all the Ambassadors, and the rest of the entire Wealthy Affiliate community for helping me in my endeavors. I have made posts, got them indexed, received traffic from them, now all that is left to do is start mak