Monetizating your personal website?

Last Update: October 16, 2014

...Let me start by asking this simple question, what is the purpose of you having a site? Is it to sell stuff? partly, but if that is the only goal on your website then you are missing the mark drastically!

A website serves many more functions other than just "selling" affiliate products.

1. Create a brand name.

2. Sell ad space/host.

3. Build your social network.

4. SEO and local rankings.

5. Selling affiliate products and your own product.

6. Build a list.

These are all the aspects which you can benefit from the traffic that come to your website.

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Funmine Premium
The versatility of websites explained!
Thanks Emmanuel!
emmydo Premium
Nice comment!...I appreciate.
gohealthy Premium
Thanks for the eye-operner, Emmanuel.
Have a great day !
emmydo Premium
Thanks I appreciate.
WestBay Premium
I like you point of view? would Apple or IBM hold the same view?
emmydo Premium
Thanks westBay...they follow the same principle too.