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November 13, 2014
For quiet sometime, it seems that all hope is gone for me in WA and everything was clouded with darkness...almost driven away! Starting from virus attack on my system, network failure in my locality, wondering how to make money easily with online advertising from Google ad sense. I really apologize for not commenting or replying to all my friends in WA community.....i really miss your companionship. At last, i was soft-peddler through the various trainings received in WA to embrace my optimis
...Let me start by asking this simple question, what is the purpose of you having a site? Is it to sell stuff? partly, but if that is the only goal on your website then you are missing the mark drastically! A website serves many more functions other than just "selling" affiliate products. 1. Create a brand name. 2. Sell ad space/host. 3. Build your social network. 4. SEO and local rankings. 5. Selling affiliate products and your own product. 6. Build a list. These are all the as
 If Finding an appropriate keywords for your niche is not far-fetched, by google the link below will provide answer to your questions. This technique literally opens you up to unlimited keywords as you walk through the alphabet.  I could take any keyword, apply this technique, and reveal a ton of keyword opportunities. Endless really. I would use an example, the term "baby".   First phrase I got was:
October 03, 2014
If you find out that meeting people and connecting with them is really difficult, it's time to learn a few ways to make new friends that won't end in disaster. when meeting people, communication is pretty much everything. You can't connect with people when you don't communicate. keep reading to get tips on meeting people and ways to make new friends. 1. INTRODUCE YOURSELF: One of the most essential ways to make new friends is to introduce yourself or have someone else introduce you. Wealth
September 28, 2014
....A Professor was traveling by boat. on the way, he asked the sailor; 'Do you know Ecology, Biology, Zoology, Geography, Physiology? The Sailor said no to all his questions. The Professor replied; what well do you know on earth? will die of illiteracy! After a while, the boat started sinking. The Sailor ask the Professor, do you know swiminology and escapology from sharkology? The Professor said no, the Sailor then replied, well...sharkology and crocodilogy will soon eat your assology,
September 24, 2014
. ....Right from the outset, there is universality struggling in human world of being a leader but irrevocable truth is that 'the position does not make a leader but leader make a position' Generally, people follow those whose leadership they respect, follower seek those who are better than themselves. The factors that determine effective leaders include the followings; 1. ViSION: A visionary leaders always has a specific goal, proving there conviction and turn there vision to mis