Last Update: September 24, 2014

. ....Right from the outset, there is universality struggling in human world of being a leader but irrevocable truth is that 'the position does not make a leader but leader make a position'

Generally, people follow those whose leadership they respect, follower seek those who are better than themselves. The factors that determine effective leaders include the followings;

1. ViSION: A visionary leaders always has a specific goal, proving there conviction and turn there vision to mission.

2. HEART OF EXCELLENCE: A heart of good leader has specific characteristis which includes: Dedication and Devotion, Courage and Confidence, Discipline and Self Control. These qualities make hs heart different from followers.

3. DEVELOPING PEOPLE'S SKILL: People are the most important asset to leader,therefore building relationship is not a choice of a leader! They must listen to their followers, honour and give them hope.

4. PERSONAL GROWTH: A good leadership would not see himself apprehended but add values of Character, skills bringing incredible impact on people.

......If you carefully examine the followings, you will surely be Hero!!!

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Funmine Premium
These are essential leadership attributes.
Thank you, Emmanuel!
mlshands Premium
I like this because these are very important characteristics. I think WA was begun with these ideals in Kyle and Carson. I also believe those of us that want to become "leaders" in our niche have to adopt the ideals as well.