herotic abilities.

Last Update: September 28, 2014

....A Professor was traveling by boat. on the way, he asked the sailor; 'Do you know Ecology, Biology, Zoology, Geography, Physiology? The Sailor said no to all his questions. The Professor replied; what well do you know on earth?...you will die of illiteracy!

After a while, the boat started sinking. The Sailor ask the Professor, do you know swiminology and escapology from sharkology? The Professor said no, the Sailor then replied, well...sharkology and crocodilogy will soon eat your assology, headology and will dielogy because of your mouthology!

The above historical perspective is important so as to highlight the fact that Hero is associated with action and abilities not the mere speech. Every heroes must follow thee law of RESPECT

R---RESPECT YOURSELF and OTHERS: Heroes are made, they are not born. Every potential heroes who desire to win the respect of others must firstly demonstrate a healthy respect for themselves and their associates. They don't underate anyone's wisdom or profession neither see themselves as someone that have apprehended nor underestimate the abilities of others.

E---EXCEED THE EXPECTION OF OTHERS: Every potential heroes must create a standard for themselves for others to emulate in character, self intergrity, sacrifices, concern and burden for others.

S---STAND FIRM ON YOUR CONVICTIONS; Potential heroes must be unshakable even if everything seem to be clouded with darkness and hope seem to be dashed, they stand firm.

P---POSSESS UNCOMMON MATURITY: Potential Heroes must not arbituarily grap credits for themselves but give as much as they can to others.

E---EXPERIENCE PERSONAL SUCCESS: One of the pre-requisite condition for the potential heroes is that they themselves must firstly experience success before giving others.

C---CONTRIBUTE TO THE SUCCESS OF OTHERS: Hero is not being legalistic with rules and regulations but model the ways to truely transform others.

T---THINK AHEAD OF OTHERS: Potential heroes create strategies on the platform of helping others ad become pacesetter in all their ways.

......Anyone who follow these rules, will surely become hero!

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Great post man. Put your money where your mouth is!
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Thanks Osmith.
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Thanks for sharing this, Emmanuel!
The Law of Respect is worth following.
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Lol, too funny...sounds very proactive. :))
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Well said!
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Awesome! :)
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