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Last Update: June 19, 2019

Hey guys,

I wanted to tell you about a little test I did recently. I'm a diehard Jaaxy fan and have been for many years. It has served me quite well. But other people have their own strategies as well and sometimes it's good to check out other keyword methods. I'll tell you about my recent experience. Afterall, it's always a good idea to know how to find keywords for your business.

There's a relatively well known Youtuber I started following last year. He's an Internet marketer who says he's made a stack of money with affiliate marketing. I've been listening to his videos for quite some time now. FYI: this guy is not a WA member.

Recently, one of his videos popped up on my feed and it was a video on finding keywords. I think it was only 8 minutes or so. After I watched the video, I read through the comments under the video and lots of people were chiming in saying how this strategy got them to number one on Google from using this method. I decided to give it try.

Create A Spreadsheet

This method involves creating a spreadsheet. You then have to take your prospective keyword and plug it into a Google search a few different ways to get different results. Those results are plugged into a formula. If the keyword falls within a certain range, it's a decent keyword and you can then proceed to write your article. The result of the formula will tell you if the keyword meets the criteria. If it does, you can then go write your article.

You should know that this was a painstaking process. You know that expression, "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again?" I tried many different combinations of keywords before I finally landed on one that met the criteria. And let me tell you, this took me a few hours of my time! I was missing Jaaxy already!

Writing The Article

I wrote the article and even used the tips from the video for article writing as well. I then did my usual publishing routine where I index the URL with Bing and Google. So I know it was indexed.

The Jaaxy Test

The post has been online for 21 days now. ver the course of that time I ran the URL through Jaaxy's Site Rank feature. NOTHING! BUBKIS! NO RANKING WHATSOEVER! I checked it again today and it is in position 51 on Google with no position on Bing or Yahoo.

Contrast that with another article I published on Monday using Jaaxy to find my keywords. That article is not in position 2 for Yahoo and position 7 for Bing. No position for Google yet.

I put the keyword from the non-Jaaxy article through Jaaxy and the search results were a mere 24. No wonder it's not ranking! No one is looking for this keyword!

Stick to What you Know and What Works

So I'm sticking to what I know and what I know works for me. I always end up coming right back to Jaaxy. It's never failed me. And it doesn't take me hours to find a few decent keywords either. Jaaxy is still the best keyword research tool around.

I don't really want to out the Youtube guy I was following. I am pretty disappointed that his method failed so badly for me. But hey, lesson learned, right? If you don't have decent keywords you will get nowhere no matter how great your article is. If no one is looking for that keyword, you've been writing for nothing.

Have you ever tried a new way to find keywords? Did you end up coming back to Jaaxy? I would love to know about your experiences with other keyword tools and if you ended up back with Jaaxy.

To your success,


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RichBrennan Premium Plus
Thanks for sharing, Alanna - great info.
Rich :-)
Mick18 Premium
I'm sticking with jaaxy. Thanks for sharing.
firstlearn Premium
Thanks for sharing your experiences Alanna.

Linda103 Premium
Thank you for the information, good to know.
jivitajay Premium Plus
Thanks for sharing Alana, Jaaxy is my all time favorite and no, don't use any other keyword Research tool, though I check out the competition on SERP.