Progress, progress, progress-it's a marathon

Last Update: October 26, 2018

When I first joined WA, I felt the pressure to do as much as I possibly could -fast, so that I could figure out, before I spent alot of money, if affiliate marketing was something I would like to do. In the end it didn't take me that long and I became a prime member, so that I would have access to all the training and the ability to ask as many questions as I wanted.

In order to dive into the training I picked a niche that I was interested in, but didn't have a lot of personal experience with - chickens and chicken coops. I've quickly learned that having a niche in which you have personal experience is probaly better, but I'll get to that in another blog.

I was excited to pick my domain name and begin to build my site. The WA tools and lessons were great as were the live events trainings - I really enjoy Jay's teachings. I often found myself a little ahead of the WA trainings, because I would follow Jay's trainings, which also got me into trouble a couple times LOL! For example, I picked my domain name before I watched the WA training on how to select a good domain name, so my domain name is a bit of a mouthful ( - say that 10 times fast!), but I like it anyway.

When I first got my domain name I felt a lot of pressure to get my website built, thinking (wishful, I realize now) that I wouldn't want all these visitors to show up and find nothing there, little did I realize that it is practically impossible to find a new website, so you have plenty of time to build your website. Eddy S told me "it's a marathon, not a race, " boy is this true!

Today I have built up the website, added products and adds, and periodically add posts. I still have alot to do on the site, but a few things I've learned thus far are:

1. Don't rush, slow down, take your time, go through the trainings and apply the techniques in the order they're taught.

2. If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to ask for help, it is an awesome community and you will get alot of help and good advice.

3. Pick a niche you have some personal experience with, it will make writing your blog posts MUCH easier.

4. They tell you that it takes time and hard work - this is true, be stubborn, don't give up!

Some things I still need to do - post more blogs, add more products, and figure out how to create an email list and automatic emails, if someone opts in...

The number of people who visit my site has been steadily increasing, but it is still pretty low. I would really like to increase the number of visitors, if you have any advice reply here! And if you have any questions about something I've posted here, let me know.

Thanks for joining me here!

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FKelso Premium Plus
Seems to me you are heading in the right direction. Your list of things you have learned thus far is very good. Keep up the good work, and you will get there.
EddySalomon Premium
Hey Erin,

I'm glad my advice finally kicked in. I see a lot of people try to rush through the training and business thinking it will make them money faster. But it won't. It's a marathon and the people that take their time and follow the training will eventually reach their finish line. There is no rushing it. We all have to trus in the process.
Kerjackie Premium
To increase your traffic, you will need to do social engagement, you have to create a Google+ account, create a Pinterest account, you will learn this on the level 4: Lesson 1 of 10, you are at the beginning, so follow the step by step training to fully understand everything.
I wish you all the best.
Emac3417 Premium
I have created both a G+ and Pintrest, but need to add more of my posts - thanks for the reminder!
bethchos Premium
I need to stop my premium membership fr the time being. Please consider this request to be immediate. I will be back later. Thanks, Bethany C
Emac3417 Premium
Too bad, you'll probably need to contact support for that I'd guess. Either way keep working on your site if you can.