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Another Shooting!Yesterday I saw the news about the shooting at a Jewish Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pa. This breaks my heart. I expect more from us - haven't we learned that violence, hurting people, and hate will never make anyone happy? I am saddened that here in 2018 we still have not realized that we are all basically the same - regardless of our color, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. The Dalai Lama once said: "In our quest for happiness and the avoidance of suffering, we are all fundam
ChickensIn my previous post I talked about the fact that I picked a niche that I was interested in, but did not have personal experience with. I would like to own chickens and thought this would be a good opportunity to learn about best housing, picking chickens, and the care of chickens. Initially I thought I would focus on chicken coops, but as time has progressed I realized that I needed to talk about all aspects of chicken housing and care; this gives me many more topics to blog
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When I first joined WA, I felt the pressure to do as much as I possibly could -fast, so that I could figure out, before I spent alot of money, if affiliate marketing was something I would like to do. In the end it didn't take me that long and I became a prime member, so that I would have access to all the training and the ability to ask as many questions as I wanted. In order to dive into the training I picked a niche that I was interested in, but didn't have a lot of personal experience with -
I have slowly been following the training and intermittently watching prerecorded Jay's sessions while building out my website. I felt like I was at a good spot, my website had finally taken shape, to apply for a couple different affiliate programs. My first application went without a hitch; the second, not so well...Something interesting happened..I applied to ShareASale, which has Wayfair, a large company that has lots of product, but was immediately declined, so I marked it off my list and w