Needed a period of renewal

Last Update: March 04, 2017

I haven't been on this site in a while. I got started back in November and went gung ho. I ended up burning myself out. I took a while and got my priorities back in line with my other music teaching business and schooling my kids and my education. Now I am back as a part time business launcher.

I want to be successful on here. I really do. I want so many things out of life too though.

I want to be the best music teacher in my area.

I want to help my husband get into a career that would bless him.

I want my kids to have enough of me that they are happy and getting the things they need from their one and only mother.

I want to help people know how to garden and eat healthy foods so they can find peace and happiness physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I want time to just be. not to have to be somewhere. not to have an agenda.

My time is precious and I will be moving forward carefully, keeping life in balance so one area does not take over and steel my joy.

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jtaienao Premium
It's good to know that you have refocused you priorities. This is really important to be successful with our businesses as well as our personal lives. Both need equal attention and neither should be neglected. I wish you only success in your endeavors moving forward.
AlanP1 Premium
I know the feeling only too well.
allchristie Premium
What great determination in living your life to the fullest - an inspiring meteor. Glad to see you as a human being as well as a human doing. You shine
Tezsie Premium
Welcome back and these are admirable goals, Elisa

Best of luck to you!
TarekS Premium
Welcome back. Hope you achieve all your WA and beyond. :)