Time out

Last Update: March 03, 2016

I dove in and got immersed quickly in WA! The reality in my life at the time though was that I was extremely busy...resulting then in a "Time Out".

I think that it's important to recognize when we need time, not to feel overwhelmed, and prioritize obligations or what we choose to do with our time.

Today I experienced an "aha" moment when I was reminded what I have learned here at WA for my short time, and that this is a tool that we can all use and tweak to fit our own needs.

So that being said I'm glad to be back, my time out is officially over, and now I'm back to learning new exciting things here at WA.

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mijareze Premium
Yes, you are correct.
KatieMac Premium
That is true we do need breaks and some time away now and then as it can become overwhelming and all consuming
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Elisa welcome back, sometimes life does take our time. You sound like you are refocusing best wishes got your continuing success.
Debs3 Premium
Welcome back!
friendlybf Premium
Welcome back ! Nancy