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April 28, 2016
Life, business...has been crazy busy!!!I actually thought about not continuing with WA as there has been no extra time...then I was reminded of everything that I've learnt, can still learn, and it made great sense to just put it on ice for a little while and know that I can go back to it whenever it suits me :)Signing up for the yearly membership was a relief, knowing now that I still have this great opportunity but that there's no pressure.Take it at my own pace, and let it unfold in time.So,
March 03, 2016
I dove in and got immersed quickly in WA! The reality in my life at the time though was that I was extremely busy...resulting then in a "Time Out".I think that it's important to recognize when we need time, not to feel overwhelmed, and prioritize obligations or what we choose to do with our time.Today I experienced an "aha" moment when I was reminded what I have learned here at WA for my short time, and that this is a tool that we can all use and tweak to fit our own needs.So that being said I'
November 05, 2015
I literally almost fell off my chair!After writing my blog yesterday with regards to being so busy with "life", trying to prioritize and accept that WA will take time... I checked in today to see I had broken the "200" barrier?!Like a lone tree, on a sunny cold day, clear blue skies, I couldn't be happier for the promise of the future here with WA !Every day is what we make it..."so hum" "I am".Do you believe what you see, or do you see what you believe? E xo
November 04, 2015
Into my second month here at WA...Signed up for the 90 day challenge and "was" religiously spending time daily here, until my real life caught up with me...I work as an interior designer, where jobs range from Staging for selling, large renovation projects etc., and I also have a brick and mortar retail space which in just the past few days have opened a new location. BUSY?! YUP!But here's the thing, that there's a reason why I'm here...We all have our own stories, but at the end of the day it
October 29, 2015
Day 5, and only 85 to go?! eeeeek! (90 Day Challenge)Balance, schedule, consistency!There it is, and I commit to a daily minimum of an hour on WA. At the moment the web site has been slowing me down, but I have received some excellent help along the way :)"LESS IS MORE!"I was feeling frustrated because the template that I initially chose was too simple, and then I dove into one which was too complicated. Our audience need to be able to navigate easily, and this great reminder that I received wa
October 27, 2015
Hmmmm, reality of life and work commitments have reminded me of this serious existing world that I live in. Not going to bore you with the details, but an extremely busy week with projects at hand. Funny how to a certain degree it feels so easy here at WA, and I wish it was 24/7?! Interesting that I've seen this scenario for a long time, but strange when it arrives?!So as the hour is late...reality struck today with a busy work day, and feeling that I needed to fill my commitment here. Nothing
October 26, 2015
Do you know the story of Walt Disney?!...Very quick recap was that everyone at the time thought he was nuts! Trying to introduce cartoons on the big screen back in the day was considered outrageous.Interesting how times change, and I guess the lesson here is to never give up on anything that you're passionate about?Take our friend the swan, we know that story as well?!You are whoever you say you are, comfortable in your own skin, and not letting anyone else tell you any differently, and certain
October 25, 2015
Good morning from a lovely sunny Fall day on the West Coast of Canada! My routine used to be catching up with friends on FB with my morning coffee...something has changed drastically for me now. Although I would still like to see what my friends are up to, I now dive into my WA world with all of my new acquaintances here! :) There is a gratification to know that I'm working on something for my future, learning new things, meeting new people, and it's all right here! That's my Sunday share, and
October 24, 2015
Hi all :) I'm one month into this wonderful WA world, and here is what I know to be true...amazing communityfantastic knowledgefantastic teachinginspiringloving supportimpeccable reputation amazing opportunityterrific foundersexcellent writingso many unbelievable people who are striving to make better lives for themselvesAFFILIATES! What do your goals look like? We are all exactly where we need to be, at this exact moment, to make all our dreams come true! "90 Day Challenge", one step closer...
Pondering horizontal and vertical growth...In a moment of reflection I find myself wanting both and wanting none at times. Where is that sweet spot of enough and just a little more? Perhaps sometimes when we are busy trying to live a vertical life we miss out on the subtle nuances of a horizontal life. So without closing my mind to all possibilities, I am also grateful for all that I have experienced so far. My metaphor for this thought is like a library, that is so big and full of all kinds of