Married and Hangin' In There

Last Update: April 15, 2020

Today, April 15th, My wife and I celebrate 65 years of marriage! Some ask us, "What's your secret?" It is not a secret; we loved each other then, and we still do. That love involved commitment and dedication. That is not to say that we have not stumbled along the the way; no doubt, everybody does. But when all is said and done, we have persevered through the good times and the difficult ones. I give most of the credit to my precious wife who has stood by me through thick and thin. She has been kinda like the Bible say of the Lord, "the same today, yesterday, and forever." What a woman; what a wife! I just want to give her the credit she is due. Here's to at least a few more years. Time is closing in on us to be realistic. But it has been a wonderful journey, and I am thankful for every memory, and the fact that we still anticipate a future together.

Now, this may seem a little bit crude, but could I just observe that the things that hold a marriage together, also work in our journey with Wealthy Affiliate. I won't belabor the point, but please indulge me to list three things that are essential in a marriage that are essential where our work here is concerned.

Discovery: I was eight years old when I first met my future bride in a one-room country school. I have considered that that meeting must have been providential. Frankly, I trust that the online introduction to Wealthy Affiliate was, as well. Someone reached out to me through the internet and here I am.

Design: We met, courted, planned, got married, raised a family, and grew up together, through the good times and the difficult ones, and we persevered because we believed in what we were doing, and were grateful for the promises of our union. When I discovered Wealthy Affilaite, I recognized the value of entering a union with them. I believed and do believe that their design has great promise.

Dedication: Neither love nor promise will bring alone. While both must be present for a successful, enduring marriage, dedication and commitment are absolutely essential. At every turn in our journey here, we are confronted with these challenging facts. Those who are willing to commitment and dedication are the ones who succeed. This is a principle that is true in marriage and in the pursuit of a career.

While I am promoting a worthy opportunity at Wealthy Affiliate, I hope all of you will understand when I say, again, Happy 65th Anniversary to my precious. wife. Her example and dedication is why I am here, writing this blog. I want to be successful here for her sake as well as my own.

Thank you for indulging me these ramblings, and may you each and every one enjoy all the best as you persevere in your journey.

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HeidiAnders3 Premium
Awe!! Sweet Earl!! Congratulations to you and your lovely wife! This is a remarkable milestone and a wonderful testament to a relationship bound by faith, hope, and love!! I wish you both great health and many more years together!! (Give her a hug from me!)

Love and Hugs!
ELangley1 Premium
Thank you for your kind words, Heidi. I hope you are enjoying great success and happiness. Stay in touch.
Willow29 Premium
Congratulations on your anniversary! That is a huge accomplishment that deserves a celebration. Unfortunately you can't take her out to a nice dinner, but I hope you two can enjoy a wonderful evening together, and go out for that dinner when all this madness is over.

It takes true dedication to make a marriage last that long. I wish you many more happy years together. 🥂
ELangley1 Premium
Thank you Willow29. All the best to you.
gnoose Premium
65 Years!! Congratulations. That is a huge milestone and one worthy of respect.

Stay safe my friend
ELangley1 Premium
Thanks, Greg. Have a wonderful day.
Talk2Ray Premium
Congratulations to you and your wife Earl.
What a great analogy between a marriage and WA. I do appreciate your post, very encouraging indeed.
ELangley1 Premium
Thank you, Ray.
FKelso Premium
Congratulations on that rare find, a successful marriage. More power to you, and I hope you still have lots of years left together.