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My network now consists of 500 followers. I have noticed that others exulted in reaching this level (500) so I reckon I can, too!A lot of these are new members but I am happy to have them along with this vast community of which we are all a part. When new people join, it is our privilege to extend a welcome and word of encouragement to them. It's the least we can do, by the way. After all, we have all freely received, therefore, we ought to freely give.This is short, but every little bit of pr
June 15, 2020
It seems like I heard that somewhere before. Well, I have been trying and trying but somehow I just keep missing the mark. Boy, does that get old! But this morning I successfully followed Kyle's clear video, and added some affiliate links to my website. AMAZED! EMBARRASSED! CONFIRMED! All of these words describe how I felt as I finally - FINALLY - figured out where I was missing the clear instructions on how to do this. Right now, I don't even know whether I am saying this correctly or not, b
May 17, 2020
Remember how it felt at graduation - the cap and gown, moving the tassle and the feeling that you were now better equipped to move forward into you chosen career path? Remember that? I know you do! At this point in time, the heads of many graduates are hanging a little low. Of course, it's not that their training or certificate is of any less value, but there is just so much excitement that goes with taking this step forward that they will miss. My heart goes out to them and to all of us who a
April 30, 2020
I have always loved traveling to new places, seeing new things, and meeting new people as I ministered in churches in five states, and the Virgin Islands. Every place we (my family and I) have visited had its own peculiar character. We enjoyed them all. The only country we have visited outside the United States is Canada.In my retirement, I am continuing to travel via the internet. That is obviously, how I arrived here. I can honestly say that this is one of the most intriguing places I have v
Today, April 15th, My wife and I celebrate 65 years of marriage! Some ask us, "What's your secret?" It is not a secret; we loved each other then, and we still do. That love involved commitment and dedication. That is not to say that we have not stumbled along the the way; no doubt, everybody does. But when all is said and done, we have persevered through the good times and the difficult ones. I give most of the credit to my precious wife who has stood by me through thick and thin. She has been
PURSUING PURPOSEFUL PASSIONSAbout six months ago, while assessing the circumstances of my retirement from pastoral ministry, I found myself needing and wanting to find a way to utilize my time in way that would continue to have a potentially positive effect in our society that is beset with so many negative influences. It has been encouraging to have occasional opportunities to speak for special church occasions such as homecomings, supplying for the pastor who needs to be away from his church
I just published a post entitled THE DYNAMIC OF FAITH on my website. I have found that there is a similar dynamic at work here at Wealthy Affiliate. First, all who venture to come here do so because they have a need, and they believe that need can be met here. Second, they understand that someone(s) have paved the way for them, and all they have to do is follow.Third, they see that the leaders and members of the community care about them and stand ready to help them along their way.Fourth, t
February 18, 2020
EARLY TO RISEI woke up at 3:00 this morning, thinking about the challenges of past days, and contemplating what the future might look like. At that time of day, things didn't look very good, no matter what the realities were. So, about 20 minutes later, I rolled out of bed, poured myself a cup of left-over coffee and sat down with my computer. As usual, I decided to take a quick look at my emails. There, sandwiched in between a long list of Wealthy Affiliate blogs was a daily verse segment f
February 13, 2020
Five Points of LightHello, WA family.George H. W. Bush in his inauguration address challenged America with this memorable quote: “We can find meaning and reward by serving some higher purpose than ourselves, a shining purpose, the illumination of a thousand points of light…we all have something to give.”Mr. Bush was a man who commanded my respect for his caring, humble and compassionate personality and leadership. His expression, a thousand points of light, revealed his sens
January 31, 2020
In the TV commercial, a camel comes walking through an office asking, "What day is this?" The answer he is looking for is Wednesday, or Hump Day! Yesterday (Thursday) was my New Hump Day! I FINALLY LINKED MY FIRST AMAZON PRODUCT TO MY WEBSITE! Trying and failing (over and over and over) for weeks to accomplish this, yesterday I got over the hump. This must make some of you chuckle - I chuckle a little every time I see that camel clumping through the office asking "what day is this?" But