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January 26, 2021
Just a note to say bye-bye to all you wonderful people at Wealthy Affiliate. The program is great and the camaraderie has been enjoyable, but due to family and health and personal health issues, as well as my lack of background training and understanding of online workings, I have finally decided to back off and trust that the good Lord will take care of me. Thanks to Kyle, Carson and all of you wonderful people. It has been a good experience.
September 01, 2020
I love golf. In the past, I loved playing the game (and I still do) but I am more of a spectator these days. Last Sunday, I witnessed two of the most amazing putts I have ever seen while watching the last few holes of the BMW Championship on TV. Dustin Johnson tied John Rahm with his last putt in regulation time on the eighteenth hole with the first miraculous putt. Then in the first hole of the playoff, John Rahm sank another putt just as miraculous as Dustin's to win the tournament. It happe
I kinda feel like I don't know whether I am on the up escalator or the down escalator at this point. My ranking has been moving back and forth across the 200 mark the last three days. Today, it is at the lowest point (196), my highest ranking yet. Yea!! I glad for anything that looks positive. I am trying to work on my website, so I won't spend a lot of time on this. I just wanted to express this word of gratitude for any sign of progress. “ Small progress is still progress.” Anony
August 05, 2020
Yesterday when I opened my profile page, I discovered that my rank had fallen under the 200 mark (197). Today, it's back to 201 even though I worked most of the day, yesterday on this blog. I understand the value of blogging. I still find it a very arduous task for me. I appreciate that I continue to be reminded that it will get better with practice, but, to my chagrin, it continues to be challenging for me.You should not understand this as a complaint, but rather that I want to share with thos
How to Write an INEFFECTUAL BLOGBlogs are a dime a dozen nowadays. Anyone can start a blog. The tools and resources are readily available. Starting a blog and being consistent is no easy task. Since so many blogs with the same niche exist, it’s tough to stand out. There is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to blogging. So, how is it that some blogs become successful and others don’t? It all comes down to the “do’s” and especially the “
Today, I completed level 4 of OEC. Speaking of levels, I experienced numerous ones on my way here. If you will permit me, I will share some of them in this article, hoping to throw out a lifeline for some who may feel as though they are about to go down for the third and maybe the last time.First was awful abjection. Looking back on my past failure to properly plan for the future left me embarrassed and a bit wretched. You know the old saying, "You never miss your water until the well runs dry.
My network now consists of 500 followers. I have noticed that others exulted in reaching this level (500) so I reckon I can, too!A lot of these are new members but I am happy to have them along with this vast community of which we are all a part. When new people join, it is our privilege to extend a welcome and word of encouragement to them. It's the least we can do, by the way. After all, we have all freely received, therefore, we ought to freely give.This is short, but every little bit of pr
June 15, 2020
It seems like I heard that somewhere before. Well, I have been trying and trying but somehow I just keep missing the mark. Boy, does that get old! But this morning I successfully followed Kyle's clear video, and added some affiliate links to my website. AMAZED! EMBARRASSED! CONFIRMED! All of these words describe how I felt as I finally - FINALLY - figured out where I was missing the clear instructions on how to do this. Right now, I don't even know whether I am saying this correctly or not, b
May 17, 2020
Remember how it felt at graduation - the cap and gown, moving the tassle and the feeling that you were now better equipped to move forward into you chosen career path? Remember that? I know you do! At this point in time, the heads of many graduates are hanging a little low. Of course, it's not that their training or certificate is of any less value, but there is just so much excitement that goes with taking this step forward that they will miss. My heart goes out to them and to all of us who a
April 30, 2020
I have always loved traveling to new places, seeing new things, and meeting new people as I ministered in churches in five states, and the Virgin Islands. Every place we (my family and I) have visited had its own peculiar character. We enjoyed them all. The only country we have visited outside the United States is Canada.In my retirement, I am continuing to travel via the internet. That is obviously, how I arrived here. I can honestly say that this is one of the most intriguing places I have v