A load off!

Last Update: May 17, 2020

Remember how it felt at graduation - the cap and gown, moving the tassle and the feeling that you were now better equipped to move forward into you chosen career path? Remember that? I know you do! At this point in time, the heads of many graduates are hanging a little low.

Of course, it's not that their training or certificate is of any less value, but there is just so much excitement that goes with taking this step forward that they will miss. My heart goes out to them and to all of us who are affected by this ugly virus that has descended upon us.

And what about the media? It just seems to me that they are glorifying the crazy-looking creature with what looks like a golf ball with a lot of golf tees protruding from it. Yuk! Almost every report that I see has these things floating around in the background like they are pretty to look at. Well, not for me, and especially when I see how many people have died, how many businesses are going bankrupt, and the attempt is being made to lock us all in our homes. I know it is serious, but enough already! If they are going to inform us, at least do away with those UGLY IMAGES!!

You may sense that I am a bit upset with how this is being handled. I am. But against this sickening backdrop, I want to share that I have experienced something that leaves me both grateful and relieved.

About a year and a half ago, I began work on a book that I had been contemplating...even before I came to WA. Last week, it was published. YAY!

I will admit that my obsession with this project has, in some ways, effected adversely my work here. But it's A LOAD OFF! Feels good. I am now re-focusing on Wealthy Affiliate and my website. Maybe now I can move forward with zest and excitement.

I am writing this brief blog to simply say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has so faithfully continued to send their encouraging blogs. You guys and gals are amazing, and I will always exult in the fact that my success at WA is in great measure due to your gracious and patient input.

Yeah, the virus has put us in a bad place, but we truly are in a much better place than some businesses that are on their way to bankruptcy unless some kind of miracle turns things around. I know we all are hoping for such a miracle.

Thanks again for all your help. I am thankful that my load was lightened, and I wish each and every one blessings in your future with Wealthy Affiliate. I look forward to our continuing relationship and success.

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CStauber Premium
Congratulations on publishing your book. I know that was a load off of your mind. I agree with you about the news media. They can quit the pictures. We all know what the virus looks like by now. Keep up your hard work and much success to you.

Take care
ELangley1 Premium
Thanks, Charlotte. Happy Memorial Day.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Congrats on your book, Earl!

Joezout Premium
I absolutely agree with you.
Dorrie1 Premium Plus
Congratulations on your book
Vickic3 Premium
What a great achievement Earl and all the best with your book and your online future
Go well