Google Is Bipolar - Proof

Last Update: November 23, 2019

On September 24th, 2019 Google did a core algorithm update that really hit one of my websites hard... knocking about 50% of the traffic I had off. I was up to about 400 visitors per day at the site's peak and then this happened...

Back down to around 200/day within a day or two.

This really hurt because this was a new website that was doing really great and that I was putting out some good quality content on. But Google didn't seem to care about any of that.

My site is in the health niche and I lost a number of top rankings to big authority sites like and so on... even though their articles were hardly targeted for the keywords I was using.

So anyways... I couldn't figure out what the heck Google's deal was because what they were doing didn't seem to be benefiting the user... so I stopped working on this website and spent time on a website that wasn't affected.

They Tooketh and They Gaveth

Then one day I decided to check in on the site after over a month of not really even thinking about it. To my surprise the website had bounced back!

Without me doing a thing.

Why is this? Well, who knows...

All I know is that the traffic is back and my rankings have improved once again. My site has regained it's rightful place at the top of the rankings (some at least)...

So what did I learn from this?

Absolutely nothing.

Other than I think Google might be a bit bipolar.

No, but really... what I learned is that Google makes mistakes. They are always updating their algorithm to try to improve user search experience and whatnot, but sometimes their updates don't go exactly as planned and they realize that mistakes were made.

Good content is good content... and if you put out good content you will be rewarded. This is what I learned... I think...

Anyways... what's your take on this? Has anyone else had similar experiences?

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TDenise Premium
Hahaha. Funny title. This seems to be a common experience. Most website owners I've networked with (that have been at it for awhile) have experienced climbs and downfalls around algorithm updates.

It seems pretty normal and outside of our control. What you said about quality content is the overarching lesson to learn, and also diversifying traffic sources.
MOtuke Premium
Thanks for letting us know. I was certainly not aware.
Mick18 Premium
I believe you may be right about Google. Glad to see your traffic has picked back up.
LauraFuller Premium
I think your first assessment is correct. Google is bi-polar.
shazzaWA Premium
Vitaliy G always says that at times your sites go up and down. My website looked like it flatlined once. It had a few visitors then one then nothing for about 2-3 days. But then it picked back up.

You are right, good content is good content and you will be rewarded. Great post and made me laugh!