We only learn when we put it into practice

Last Update: April 11, 2013
Over the years I have noticed that in Indonesia the students fall into two main categories if we speak about English language. The first and huge group are those who know nothing about the language. And the second, small group are those who speak almost fluently, in a very confident and relaxed mode. And there is very clear difference between these 2 groups.

The children in the first group studiy English at school (as students do everywhere in the world), they have the English subject but at least in this country... the result is close to zero (literally).

The children in the second group study IN English. They study math, biology, chemistry, physics etc IN English. And their English is very impressive. And I have noticed that this small thing makes all the difference - if you study only English or you study IN English. In the first case grade 12 students do not understand even the most basic sentences. In the second case I can talk and chat in English with a second grader. Interesting, isn't it?

And this picture came into my mind when I rode my small motorbike home yesterday afternoon. Actually here in WA, with internet marketing it is exactly the same. We can study for years, if we do not put these things into practice, there will be no results. We just won't master it.

And another picture with English language - there are people who learn a little bit and put it into practice right away. And their English, grammar, pronounciation etc are just awful. But in some strange reason... they do not care. They make awfully many mistakes and sometimes people laugh at them, sometimes they get embarrassed but they just move ahead.

But there are another group of people. They don't like people laughing at them, they don't like to get embarrassed, they don't want to make mistakes. They want to learn and master the language FIRST and THEN start talking.

The problem is - this second group never learn the language. But the first one does.

And I see that here in WA, with internet marketing it is exactly the same. The question is, what we do with it?
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Johnson Premium
Hey good article! I stumble and fall the get right back up and keep on keeping on. I know a guy who thinks "perfect practice makes perfect" i don't know how true that is because he's nowhere close to being perfect.
Carson Premium Plus
The phrase "Perfect practice makes perfect" is only somewhat true, but who said anything about being PERFECT... hehe.. You do not need to be perfect to be wildly successful online. Kyle and I are not perfect.. not by a long shot and every day we are still learning and practicing what we learn. Those who aim to be perfect may never get there, so aim to be YOUR BEST.

There are sooo many members here at WA who are just starting to see their own potential and that taking action on what they are learning is turning into tangible success!
kaliinozarks Premium
I really like this article, it describes me perfectly. As a teacher, I know that students have different learning styles, auditory learners - understand when you tell them something; visual learners - understand when you show them something; tactile learners (like me) - need to touch it, do it before we understand.

So your article describes me, the tactile learner. Plus repetition makes all the difference. For me in my WA studies, I find it's best if I have two screens - one with the lesson, and the other screen lets me actually do what all the smart folks are telling me how to do it. For me, having both screens makes it easier for me because I don't do as well if I task back and forth from screen to screen.

Maybe I should write an article about this on Street Articles? Eh?

Carson Premium Plus
You are right, those who TAKE ACTION and practice what they learn are the ones who achieve success. This is the #1 reason people succeed here at WA. The folks who come into WA and are serious about building an online business, take action...and ultimately succeed.

On the flip side, those who come into WA and do not implement what they have learned, will unfortunately not succeed, and it's really too bad. We provide absolutely every tool, training, and support channel that one needs to be wildly successful online!

The absolute best way to succeed at something is to practice, learn from mistakes, and not be afraid to ask for help!

Great post :)