Why you should Focus on YOU!

Last Update: April 14, 2017

Amazon Account got terminated.

This happened after I've spent 100+ hours and $xxx into my Video campaign.

Bad things happen guys.. (it's good to share so that you are prepared)

You really don't want your time & money invested into the campaign gets wiped overnight.


Whatever affiliate campaign you are in, make sure to build a list, or at least don't say where to get the offers.

Lucky me, I didn't mention to get the product through Amazon from my video campaign. I just said visit a special discounted link on the description below.

This allows me to switch Affiliate Program, and replace the links..

The moral of the story.

Focus on you! Your ability to help the audience, and make them trust your words.


After you have mastered ONE traffic source, try to build an email list. It gives you long-term asset.

The money is in the people who trusted you.

P.S. For those who are Amazon Affiliates, let me tell you the BIG life-changing Secret.

Once you have had enough experience, and earned substantial amount of income through Amazon, you MUST switch to your own eCommerce store.


1). The Profit Margin is HUGE! Instead of small 4 - 10% commission, you get up to 25 - 35% directly from legit wholesellers.

2). You OWN the customer email addresses. I can't stress this enough. Your business, is the people. The people who trusted your content.

With Amazon, your effort will be wasted.. big time. They are aggressive with their email marketing campaign. And sadly, the affiliates get nothing from it.

Don't believe me? Visit Amazon, and browse their website. Tomorrow, you will receive their email to come back!

Good news is.. Shopify gives you the ability to collect your customer email addresses. It is already built in. Now you can promote to your customers over and over again. Who doesn't want free passive income right?

*Most Affiliates don't tell you the truth, but I did!

3). The last reason obviously, your account can be REMOVED at any time. Also, your payments sometime are not fully approved by Amazon. They still cut your earnings too.

With an ecommerce store, you own it. Nobody can ban you. But make sure, you get reputable Vendors/Wholeseller.

Although the profit can be 10x bigger, you do need to handle customer support. That's why I said, you should have had experience and earnings, so you can hire people to handle the support. :)


Edy Chandra

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Borneoman Premium
Oops, I already read your post regarding your first Amazon sales. I was going to comment your method of using Amazon links on youtube but then I found this latest post.
EdyIsChandra Premium
hahaha. It's okay. What matters the most is the ability to get traffic. :)
Pernilla Premium
Thanks for your advice Edy!
Trust is the answer.
mijareze Premium
Good advice!