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Last Update: August 31, 2016

What's up WA buddies!

Today I am going to share a little journey of mine toward mini freedom (well, by choice).

About a month ago, I decided to quit college indefinitely and go down to "Internet Lifestyle" path. It might sound fun, but it is scary as hell. Let's face it, most of us are taught to:

Go to school

Get good grades

Graduate college

Work your butt off 9-5 for 30 - 40 years

Retire at old age with regrets


Of course there is nothing wrong with it IF you choose that path. No one is going to stop you.

But for me, I would rather work hard + be smart by building Online Business toward early retirement. Maybe 10 - 15 years or shorter, depending on my OBSESSION really.


It is insane to think about business 30 years ago before internet was founded. The startup costs are immensely BIG. You need at least 5 figures to start a brick n mortal business. Fast forward today, you need 100x less than that!

Think of the warehouse to store your products,

Think of the employees you need to hire,

Think of those angry customers right in front of your face when something goes wrong,

Think of the accountant to manage your cashflow.

Think of the store rental, taxes n more.. That's just too much headache.


Affiliate Marketing can save us a lot of money and time on those aspects. But bare in mind, this is still a real business, please treat it like one okay.. :)

Back to College..

Oh I'm done with this education stuff. It is a bad investment for those who don't know what they are doing in there. All of this 2.5 years of college Education, NONE stick on my head.

Although I kept passing the lessons with good grades, but no practical knowledge that I can apply toward my future happiness (which is what we want).

Disclaimer: I'm am not against school system. But I think students should be taught more about real life situation. I mostly learn this through my parents, part-time job, and having a conversation with experts.

After learning about the possibility of having your own business. My mindset changed drastically. I was like in a cave that is full of monsters that wanted to eat me alive, I soon panic and start running everywhere to find my way out.

Long story short, I have seen a light. It could be my ticket toward freedom. I am talking about Affiliate Marketing.





Soon I see some results coming in. Make some money up to 5 figures in total profits. Then I got comfortable thinking that everything will keep going up like a 10 years old kid thinking that life will always be nice, cheerful and shiny.

Fact is..

Your Business is either GROWING, or DYING.. There is no such thing as linear. This is not a "Push Button Overnight Success". You need to put in focus and energy to the business, or else it will slowly die.

So what's the KEY here? Focus..

It was tough for me. I thought I could make it doing this Affiliate Marketing on the side. But college has drained 80% of my energy, and yet I still have nothing in return from the education.

6 months went by..Right in Examination Hall, all what I was thinking is.. WHAT IF..

WHAT IF I quit this altogether, and focus more on my online business. What the REWARD vs. RISK?

Reward => Making 5 figures a month working anytime & anywhere I want. Avoid commuting, avoid being scolded by a boss, avoid crazy coworker, avoid shitty job. *best of all, I can enjoy doing Affiliate Marketing at home.

Risk => NONE. Maybe leaving the opportunity to get close with hot college girls? :P

On top of that, how much money I am able to save by quitting college?

The original cost is S$38,945.35 but I have paid the first-two installments..but managed to get refund from 90% of 1/2 of 2nd installment. So I am able to save net S$25,953.92 which around US$19,368

That's a lot of money! In addition to 2 years of living cost in Singapore. It can be said US$800/month for 2 years = $19,200. Plus the college fee. Total = US$38,568.

You know what! Since I have already made 5 figures, why not I live somewhere cheaper and do this Affiliate Marketing thing?

Yup. I made a bold move.

Called my parents. Tell them I've quitted college and ask them to stop funding me.

With surprise, they accept it reluctantly with my "out of this world explanation". Of course they are still unclear, but meh.. It doesn't matter. I just told them I work online with salary 1K a month, and soon be promoted to 3K a month if I put in more work.

Fiuuh...NO More Crazy Physics or Math

I now move back to Indonesia. Rent a small room and projecting how I am going to survive here with my OWN money. (roughly US$300/mo)

Fortunately, I got a great deal. 3x3 m room is rented for $100/mo! + Wifi&Utility. It's my mom's sister's husband who owns the place. So I get a cheaper deal..usual price was $125/mo. Not much of a different I know.

Rather than telling you how the room looks like, let me show you instead. :)

Not bad huh..

The downside is the slow internet speed connection. I might want to upgrade though. I'll see first.

All in all, I am happy with my decision. Now it's time to focus on Affiliate Marketing.

It's time for me to do Paid Traffic. The only way to scale any business online is buying visitors by placing Ads . I don't recommend jumping into this technique without having at least $1,000 - $3,000 ready to be invested for testing campaigns. You really need to do some testing to see what works and what dont work. That's what I've learnt from successful marketers who are running paid campaigns.

My plan is that starting Sep 2016 to end Dec 2016, I will focus on paid advertising. I've set my budget $5K purely for testing. If I lose it all without finding a winning campaign, I will not feel down. This allows me not to be emotionally attached when I do the testing.

If Fail => No choice.. Free & Organic traffic will be my next focus.

If Success => I will scale the shit out of that campaign, and earn as much as possible, then repeat the process.

Gotta have an action plan for myself every single day. Blank A4 paper is ready for me to schedule my activity for the next 4 months. LETS DO THIS!


Edy Chandra

*NEW Life, NEW Selfie in a NEW Room* :D

#Next Post Update will be in Jan 2017

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kumar1992 Premium
Wow edy! Welcome back! And thanks for this inspirational post. Your blogs have always inspired me to push further if not I would have already quitl ong ago!

Good luck on this new venture of yours. Hope you nail it!
JeffSkingley Premium
Way to go! Keep pushing.
EZuvic Premium
Great post Edy! I am also dropping out of university to focus on paid traffic as well!
cbarnes1 Premium
Good luck and keep us updated on your progress.

If you could do what you did while in classes, then you should have no problem with all your extra time now to scale it up and make some BIG MONEY!

JudeP Premium
Great focus - all the best in moving forward and good luck in your new place :)