3 Steps to Make Money FAST?

Last Update: July 12, 2016

I think this title will have more click as compare to "How to get things done fast". :D

Okay so some of my WA friends ask me what I do to reach goals without any distraction or losing focus. Sadly, most people don't have this, and guess what, they FAIL!

Well I am going to give EVERYTHING I know about the topic right here, right now.

When you are starting out in any business online, you have to do it smart & efficient. To be honest, 2 hours a day is more than enough if you focus on important tasks.

*Below I am going to give some action tasks if you want the best result out of this post.

Want to see result FAST? Please follow this 3 steps:

1). Your Motivation

I'm telling you, this first step is HUGE. If you don't have a mental picture of your own success, you will never get near success itself. Now the important part is how you define your success? You need to pin-point a specific value to your success.

For me, $5,000 net profit /month will be considered a success. Now to put a realistic time frame to achieve this goal. I would say in one year. What date? I promise myself in month July 2017, I MUST at least be making this $5,000 per month. I will do whatever it takes!

To break things into pieces, Hand Written down your future goals. It must be specific and reasonable. Let say you want to make $____ by next 3 months. And from there, how can you scale up to $____ by month 6 mark. Then afterwards the $_____ by one year mark.

Imagine you have reached this $____/month, now what you want to do with this money? List down your wishes. Just take a pen and paper. Write it, keep it yourself as a motivation. (This what I've done, the paper is literally on top of my laptop's keyboard)

Action Task: (Let's DO IT, It's FUN)

Take a pen and paper, then write down at least 10 things you want to do when you reach $____/month. I will give the sample below.

Here are my 10 things to do after I have reached $____/month:

[1] ___________

[2] ___________

[3] ___________

[4] ___________

[5] ___________

[6] ___________

[7] ___________

[8] ___________

[9] ___________

[10] ___________

Make sure to finish the list. They are the "only medicine" when you feel pain or wanted to give up halfway in this venture.

2). Elimination/Sacrifice

Not all of us came from Entrepreneur background, so this step 2 might scare the hell out of most people. I remember when I first got started, I need to squeeze this online business journey into my daily routine. In the beginning, it seemed impossible, but once I think of the activities I was doing back then, it was such a pointless ones.

Playing game feels good. I was hooked to it for over 8 years. And changing the habit sure not easy. But remember Step 1? Once you know your WHY of achieving success, your way of thinking will turn upside down. Again, I urge you to take sometime to write them down.

I personally was thinking of my future. How am going to live the lifestyle of freedom with wife and kids. Having the time to travel the world and basically enjoy life. They are my sole motivation which I don't share to my friends or family. You shouldn't do it too, because this is YOUR dream, not theirs.

After I have clear mental picture, eliminating unnecessary activities become easy. I like to keep telling myself this is a "sacrifice". I have to push myself toward my goals. Then as time goes by, this new set of GOOD HABIT settles in my mind.

If you have stuff that don't move you toward your dream or moving your business forward, please eliminate them as soon as possible. It can be entertainment, facebooking, playing games, etc. Have at least 2 hours per day of "distraction free" time. Heck, if you are serious about your dreams, you might even sacrifice your sleep.

Action Task:

Write down at least 1-2 unnecessary things that you should eliminate. Remember, they should give you a minimum of 2 hours "distraction free". We need the time to move our online business forward! Here's a sample which you need to write down as well:

I MUST eliminate these unproductive activities, it doesn't move my business forward nor bring in the revenue I wanted to achieve my dreams:

[1] ________

[2] ________

I promise myself to avoid those pointless activities, and it will start tomorrow (date:DD/MM/YY)

Again, do it!

Moving on to step 3..

3). Plan, plan, and plan!

When my friends have no plan in their lives, it is like they're telling me, they cross street blindfolded. You need to have daily plan. It should also be written down. For my website I had always planned what to post before it comes to writing it.

I usually use Google Calendar. And refer back to it every night to see what's next.


This is so crucial that it gives you preparation on what to do for the coming days, weeks, even months ahead. And what's funny is that I often check the calendar on the train when I was heading to college. I imagine making $250 in September, then $400 in October, $600 November, n then $800 in December last year. It came true! I even surpassed my expectation which kind of mind blowing. It felt great if you plan for something, and it becomes reality. Of course the plan must be reasonable. You also have to be prepared if things don't go as planned. Think of the worst, but for me, as long as I am breathing, I will keep moving forward. Period!

Action Task:

Go to https://calendar.google.com . Get comfortable with creating a plan. Type in your future blog post in the coming days or weeks if possible. Or maybe you have a weekly WA webinar, note them down too inside Google Calendar. The sample for this is a screenshot.

These 3 steps are really base/foundation for your business. It either makes or breaks the business.

A little bit of realization. All of the steps also apply to any sector of life. In relationship same thing, you gotta picture your loves ones. Make a careful plan to be with her/him. Sometimes things don't go as we wanted, but we need to get back up and try again right? Of course, the reward must be WORTH the effort.

>>End of the 3 steps..<<


By the way, for those who have been following me for some time. I have good news. I will discontinue my college education indefinitely soon. I wanted to laser focus toward online business. And makes my dreams come true.

Besides, I can save USD 18,000 from the remaining college fee, then return it to my parents. And since I have been earning sufficient enough to live. I wil start traveling to other country and begin the journey with my own money. It can be scary at first, but really, what is the worst that can happen? Nothing, as long as I am moving forward. :)

Also a bit of personal story, I actually did "fell in love" with a girl in my college. (It was the reason I was slacking off for the past 6 months. LOL)

But anyway, I have to make a big decision. This is not some kind of movie where love beats everything. It is really a real life situation. Eventually I decided to leave everything behind, and start a new life. Again, a sacrifice right there folks. :P

*Please don't go extreme unless you have a solid plan in place.

Alright.. I hope this is helpful to you. It was just over my head, I love sharing it to people who need this information. Please follow the 3 steps and actually take the time to do it. I have seen this kind of information from really successful Entrepreneurs, so it is a proven method trust me!


  • Know why you are in this business
  • Eliminate things that don't help the business moving forward
  • Lastly start plan the steps that actually bring the business closer to your dream.

Cheers to your success,


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Everlight Premium
Wonderful Edy! Good luck with your new life :) Thank you for the inspiration :)

Tensae27 Premium
Thanks for sharing Edy & good luck with your new move! All the best!! Sara
Maine3623 Premium
Thanks for the advice and help Edy, I will put it into action. You might want to plan for a return to college and get your degree, they can never take that from you. Good luck in your travels.
JudeP Premium
Great info, thank you :)
feigner Premium
thank you for the reminder edy - i must concentrate more on the business. and fix realizable goals. and get a schedule.
it might be worth finishing your education, just in case for the future and your parents? i know you are not interested at the moment but....
you have done well, but you deserve it.
have fun
EdyIsChandra Premium
I had been thinking about that Phil. But after a few months in college, it is really a "NO". :D
feigner Premium
ok as long as you won't regret it in the future
have a good 'un