Kyle's PPC Course On The Road To Las Vegas - A Summary & My Journey So Far

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If you are in the Make Money Online niche where your main goal is to attract referrals to Wealthy Affiliate, I am sure you are aware of the following:

Members who have enrolled in this course have had their first class by Kyle on March 13th called Introduction to PPC and Wealthy Affiliate.

List Of Topics Discussed

1) The Flow of PPC Success

2) Key Components of a Successful PPC Campaign

3) Understanding The Structure Of The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

4) Create A New Website And The 4 Posts We Should Start Of With

5) Understanding The Best Practices For PPC

6) How To Register For Google And Microsoft Ads

7) Home Work

The Road To The WA Las Vegas Event

In order to qualify to attend the WA Las Vegas Event, we need to sign up 300 paid subscribers in one calendar year. Or 100 paid subscribers in the last 4 months of the year.

I know from experience that the SEO pathway does indeed work since I am attracting referrals to WA and earning a regular affiliate income. Not all of us can attract 300 paying members in a one-year period this way. I am struggling.

There is another faster way. Using PPC.

This involves paying for ads hence it cannot be approached lightly. If one is going to put skin in the game, it is imperative to learn how to do it the right way and work hard implementing the lessons Kyle is teaching us.


The objective is to learn how to use Pay Per Click (PPC) strategically to attract people looking to make money online to the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Kyle went into the details of the WA Affiliate Program. It has evolved to become more lucrative then ever with all the recent improvements made on the WA Platform. There has never been a better time to make money through the WA Affiliate Program.

How To Get Subsidized By Google & Microsoft

Since we need to have between $500 and $1000 to invest in ads, Kyle showed us how we could use credits offered by Google and Microsoft to reduce our financial exposure.

For example, if we create a Google Ad account for $500, Google will add $500 more to give us $1000 to use to purchase ads.

Microsoft offers a better deal. When we open a Microsoft Ad account for $300, they will deposit another $600 into it to give us a total of $900.

Hence, if we are able to invest a total of $800 towards our PPC Campaigns, our spending limit will be increased to $1900!

New Website For PPC By Kyle

Kyle has started a new website as a living example for this course on how to use PPC.

The rules of PPC are stunningly different from using SEO. We have more freedom to create our website and write our content. New skills need to be learned and implemented.

It's almost like throwing out everything we have learned on attracting traffic organically and starting fresh. There are some SEO practices that still applies. Like selecting the right niche and to use Keyword Research effectively. 

PPC Spending Approach

Kyle will be starting us off slow in purchasing ads. The goal is to get a return that at the minimum matches or exceeds our investment. As we accumulate profits, we can increase our ad expenditure to earn even more profits.

I have noticed that several members are able to invest over $1000 a month and at least double their money. I am certain that didn't happen overnight and there was a learning curve.

The goal is to learn how to make every dollar count and not lose money.


It was no surprise that we were given homework just like in the OEC and Bootcamp courses. I have listed what Kyle has asked us to do before the next class on April 10th.

1) Purchase a new domain

2) Create a new website based on that domain

3) Create a Privacy Policy Post

4) Create an About Me Post

5) Create a Wealthy Affiliate Review Post

6) Create a post showing the 4-Steps of Affiliate Marketing

7) Start Keyword Research on ones chosen MMO niche

8) Sketch Out As Many PPC Campaigns For This Program

9) Open a Google Ad Account

10) Open a Microsoft Ad Account

A note about dedicating a new domain solely for PPC campaigns. This is optional. We can use our existing websites for PPC if we wish. But here is the rub.

PPC best practices are not the same as Organic SEO. In fact, using PPC best practices on an existing website, could result in reducing traffic on the existing posts. The reason is that duplication is permissible in PPC since we are not relying on SEO to rank high. We are using cold hard cash instead.

Therefore, Kyle strongly recommended we create a brand new website and dedicate that only for our PPC campaigns.

Makes sense. Right?

My Progress So Far

I have completed the first 6 tasks and have been thinking about the kind of PPC campaigns I would like to run.

The next class will be on working on Google PPC Campaigns. Since it won't be until April 10th I have some time to create my Google Ad account.

Excitement Galore

It has been a very long time since I have been this excited. Having Kyle hold our hands taking us through this process step by step has given me confidence that this is going to work out.

Not only is Kyle teaching PPC, Vitaliy also has regular courses on this very topic, Guess who taught him. KYLE!

Although there is one class each month for the next 10 months, Kyle will be communicating with us through PM's in between classes.

His objective is for each of us to leverage his training to achieve 300 sales this year and qualify for Las Vegas. This is my objective too.

My Other Websites

Does this mean abandoning my other websites during this course? No way! I shall continue to work on them in parallel.

And take classes given by the Super Affiliates.

I have a feeling that working on these PPC Campaigns will get me into a rhythm that will flow over into my other websites.

The website I really want to grow is the one with my name where I tell my personal story. I have only 4 posts written, yet my click through rate is 6.5% in the last 28 days. And my website position on Google is 16.6!

I have been getting emails from people outside of WA. Partha even found my post on Google and wrote a long comment on one of my posts about Calcutta. It wasn't through the Site Comments on WA.

My New Content Strategy

Focus #1: PPC Website

Focus #2: Personal Story Website

Focus #3: Organic MMO Website

This has become even more fun already!

I'd Love To Hear From Your Comments On This Post

As always, I enjoy reading the comments on my WA blog. And I make it a point to respond to every comment made.

Thanks much for all your kind support.


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Awesome information and update! I can't afford PPC at the present time, and still have my primary focus of completing the training (in between running my home business and working my full-time job). But this will be an excellent resource, which I've bookmarked, for when I DO begin to use PPC campaigns. Thanks for this excellent post!

Hello Kevin,

Thanks for reading my post and liking it too. One of the great benefits of WA as you already know is, we can always go back and take any course when we are ready for it.

When I started this course I felt I would have the money to take advantage of the deal Google and Microsoft provide. I am not so certain now as I had surprise expenses crop up.

I will still attend the live classes to take advantage of asking questions in real-time. Being able to do that to Kyle will be priceless.

All the best to you.


Exciting times ahead, Edwin, that's for sure! I'm doing the PPC classes too and have already started ticking off some of the items on the list. I had let my MMO site slide so it feels to be starting afresh with this dedicated PPC site. I'm really interested to see how it goes for us all!

Hi Melissa,

I’m in the same situation like you. Glad that PPC posts don’t have to be as long as ones for SEO.

Thanks for commenting.



Hey Edwin,it is a fantastic time indeed.I can see the amazing value that the PP membership offers.Learning so much from the experts.

Looking Forward to Getting That Vegas Invitation.That is truly a sweet prize.
Well,for now back to the homework.

Thanks for this refresher.

Hi Roopesh,

Glad you feel this way. All the best to you.


Hi Bernard,

I still have to work on Task #5, and have #s 8/9/10 to do...actually, I started # 9, but didn't get very far--I need info that we will get later in the PROCESS.

I hope to be able to meet you in Vegas, along with our other WA Brothers and Sisters that make it...the ride is already fun!!!..and educational.

Thanks for your blog post--it is helpful for me to put my progress and efforts into perspective. Kyle has really gotten my attention with this!!!

Have a great day and see you in Vegas Brother!!!


Hello Joe,

I can hardly wait to make this work. Timing our actions is going to be key. You are right about waiting for the right information to do specific tasks. No benefit in jumping the gun.

Thanks for commenting.



Thanks for sharing Edwin! Very informative.


You're most welcome Mel. Thanks for commenting.


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