I have been hiding!

Last Update: May 10, 2018

That is not completely true. I have been here working, just sometimes I can't multitask! So,my poor Rank is suffering. I need to get some training done!! Add that to my list of things that need to be finished.

I am usually in here every day. I love reading everyone's blogs! Today I want to mention one that has really drawn my attention because it is different and I loove it! Sorry Jerry!! :)

JerryHuang here on WA has some awesome training for you guys. I am working on his newest one about Landing Pages. I know we can't post links,but checkout his site! Awesome job Jerry!!

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suzieq Premium
Is the landing page training the Bootcamp Hacks?
davehayes Premium
Thanks for sharing, good information
MSnargrass Premium
Thanks for sharing!
Steven-A Premium
He is doing great work no doubt about it.
marmar463 Premium
Just take your time stay focus and things will get done. It sounds like you are overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do. Take a break do something that is fun and then come back to work with a clear head and fresh thoughts. Best wishes on your journey with WA.
edensbox Premium
Awww Marmar thank you. I am doing fine. I took the time, now it's time to work.

I ama do it, learner. I can watch a video and yea pick up a few things, but doing it is what helps me.

I just wanted to share JerryHuang with everyone!! He is 20 and going places!
marmar463 Premium
I see what you are saying I learner by doing, by being showed what to do, by videos, I just learn all kinds of ways.

Yeah, you right he is going places but the rest of are too. We will all succeed in this business. It just some sooner then others and I am in the others group.

Well, I am glad that you took time off and you are right, time to get back to work now.

Best wishes on your journey with WA.