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January 23, 2019
Hey Everybody! Hope you all are doing great!! It has been a while since I have been here. I have been very busy with my elderly parents. Hospitals, Rehab - back home again.I know I have been MIA in the Blogging arena lately. With everything going on, I had to take a step back and evaluate what I was doing. I decided, I had always wanted an embroidery machine. At christmas time, I had a nice surprise check and was able to get one! It has been a lot of fun sewing quilts for my grandkids. So far,
I know we can post in the blogs, but everyone can read them. What if you want to send something out to just your followers or people you are following
I had been searching for landing page makers for a while. Then I came across Elementor. It works great!! It is free, but you an also buy the bonus prouct to go with it. If you want to create some great pages, try it out!I redid my home page to be more like a landing page along with my list building form. I have had several people sign up for my list! Woohoo!! Am so excited because my numbers are up in WA as well.
I had made a mess of my site the other day. I reached out to support, but they said the backups they keep are only a few hours old.I was wonder if any WA Oldtimers use any backup pluginbs they recommend? I want to keep a daily backup.
May 10, 2018
That is not completely true. I have been here working, just sometimes I can't multitask! So,my poor Rank is suffering. I need to get some training done!! Add that to my list of things that need to be finished.I am usually in here every day. I love reading everyone's blogs! Today I want to mention one that has really drawn my attention because it is different and I loove it! Sorry Jerry!! :)JerryHuang here on WA has some awesome training for you guys. I am working on his newest one about Landing
I was needing help with a professional website I am building for a customer. I soon realized I needed help. This is a shoutout that if you need help with a site, Wolfgins is a great person to work with. He wrote me 4 qualty posts for the ecommerce site. Thank you Wolfgins for all your hard work and professionalism!!!
April 21, 2018
I think I have some momentum going on! Little bit of changes is the first step! Onward and upward. According to Google Analytics, My landing pages numbers were going up...Then I looked at the All Pages Comparison..I have the people hitting them. I just need to start getting conversions. Last I looked at Average Time on Pages...That is starting to be longer and longer. I am not sure what this all means. However, all the changes are for the positive! Every little bit helps. I know whats working n
I am just wondering why I got banned in the offer comments area? My last two comments were approved. I wasn't banned then. Now, today, I see I am banned. This is really frustrating since I am part of the SWAG group and need to make comments and get comments. How long does the ban last? Does anyone know?Update: Support got this resolved for me :)
You know, the ones that ring at 8 a.m. on the button, wakes you up and for the umteenth time, you start telling the person to stop calling! Well, this morning I had that kind of call, only the guy on the other end was hilarious.He says Miss Eden.. I am glad I reached you.. How are you doing? I said not very good this morning since you keep calling me every morning at 8 a.m. and I want my number off your list!! He says Miss Eden.. I am so sorry your having a bad day. I will call back another day
Congratulations For going premium hon!! We are certainly glad your here!!