Ever have one of those phone calls?

Last Update: Apr 10, 2018


You know, the ones that ring at 8 a.m. on the button, wakes you up and for the umteenth time, you start telling the person to stop calling! Well, this morning I had that kind of call, only the guy on the other end was hilarious.

He says Miss Eden.. I am glad I reached you.. How are you doing? I said not very good this morning since you keep calling me every morning at 8 a.m. and I want my number off your list!!

He says Miss Eden.. I am so sorry your having a bad day. I will call back another day when you are feeling better!! Click!

I sat staring at my cell phone for a minute thinking, did he even do what I asked? Did he remove my number? Heck no!

They will be calling again in a day or so and I will go through the same thing again. No, the "do not call" website doesn't work. They call anyways!

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Oh. Yes. I received the phone call every time. Only I answered I not spoke English. No understanding. Done

My son answers for me sometimes speaking Spanish. It's funny when he does.

I use an app called Hiya on my smartphone. When I get calls like that I can block them. A lot of calls I get are already marked as spam and they don't even come through. They are silently blocked.

So, download the app and block that number so tomorrow you can sleep!

Sweet dreams!!

Nice, thank you! I downloaded an app just a bit ago but it doesnt seem to be working. Am going to try this one you mention

Lol... sounds like my life ! Doesn’t matter what you say or how rude you are ( and I try not to be .. honest ) they still call back. Unbelievable really ... what a waste of their time and phone bill.
With Grace and Gratitude

Oh Eden, you made me laugh this Morning. :).
Have you tried blocking his number?

Suzieq! You back?

Heck no lol. Using data on phone to check emails :). Won’t be back until the 23rd

Awesome! See ya then :)

I don't have a call block on my phone so I just put them in my phone as spam " Do Not Answer".

Tried and true


Try blocking the number or don’t answer. If it’s important most people will leave a message!
All the best,

I wish just blocking their number would work. They redial on different numbers somewhere. They are driving me crazy lol

We get lots of these type of calls on our landline - in fact so much so that I've almost given up answering it. Luckily I don't get many on my cell phone. And there I only answer people whom I recognize.

Is this a landline or a Smart phone/mobile device that you own where this annoying person is attempting to contact you?

First of all, you're much more gracious then I would have been had some telemarketer attempted to call me at that early morning hour of the day.

If it's the case where this obviously annoying phone call is coming into your Smart Phone you do have the ability to download a "call blocker" app and then install it to prevent such further issues.

From that point forward you would have the ability to allow only calls coming from a combination of your contact and white lists whereby the phone will actually ring audibly.

A few years ago I had these criminal deviants, fraudulently representing a software company who for a period of time called me at minimum a half-dozen times per day trying to tell me that there was something wrong with my computer. If I would only allow them to take control of my computer they would easily fix it for me.

Obviously, these individuals had no idea what could have been wrong with my computer, (at the time nothing) but only wanted to embed all types of malicious viruses, malware, trojans and so on into my computer had I been so stupid enough to allow them to do so - which I most definitely did not!

These calls came to an abrupt end when I was informed that an excellent App was available, free of charge that could be downloaded and installed into my Smart Phone preventing ALL calls from coming through that were not on my contact and white list phone numbers. The phone does not even ring coming from numbers not on my two lists. Just a short buzz, (which half the time I don't hear anyway) informing me that someone not on my two lists is attempting to contact me. The spurious number can then be immediately deleted with the press of a few digits.

Now if it's on your landline phone, this will not work.

Btw, if it is a landline phone and you have caller ID should you not recognize that individual just either let it keep ringing, (until your answering service picks up assuming you have it installed). Or else answer and then quickly hang up without saying a word. Eventually this person will get the hint!

Oh my gosh! My poor dad, already in his 70's, got hit from those guys. Not thinking anything was wrong, he went ahead and signed up with these people who said they were part of Microsoft. Microsoft my ... Yep! It got so annoying trying to get rid of them on his computer along with the calls took about three years and a new phone number!

Funny, I know I could download an app. Just never thought of it till you mentioned it. I don't live on my phone like some people do. I use my desktop since it has a bigger screen. Not that I am blind or anything, I just need a bigger screen!

It cracks me up! So Im not the only one. Everyday like clockwwork,I get a number of calls. I am in Hawaii so they begin at four am. Good luck

Oh wow. Yes, they do forget about time zones. I am lucky! Mine come in right at the "allowable" time.

Lol this suck sorry I'm laughing but can't this person get the message!!!! I would have blocked there caller id seriously

I was laughing too by the time I was done. It just was funny how calm he acted and like i wasn't yelling at him at all.

Lol then maybe he didn't want to push his luck i guess.

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