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Self-employed software developer by day. Affiliate marketer by night.

I do fine, but I want more financial and time freedom in my life. I also want to grow my retirement faster. I started late!

I could not have learned to be an affiliate marketer without the training here. Of course, you - the community - have also contributed to that, and I thank you.

Thanks for stopping by!

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mama2karsten Premium
Thank you for adding me to your network. It was very nice to meet you in last night's after WAbby with Craig and Jay.

Number one: Follow the lessons and don't be shy about asking questions about those things you do not fully understand. Make a list of possible niches, research and see which niches have the most potential. Make a list of goals for your site… write them down (it is hard to reach the stars if you don't have a plan to get there). Think deeply about these things.

As you begin to find your direction, visualize yourself in 3 months, 6 months, one year from now…Write down what you see in your mind. Research your competition, not for copying purposes, but to insure you will do it better than them. Start creating great content supported by amazing visuals (photos, images,video, infographics… Make sure your main page has maximum impact to compel your visitors to click and explore.(you have about 3 seconds pique their interest enough to scan the page. Support your initial impact with great precise, useful well optimized content. Make sure it interesting and complete. BE PATIENT… it takes time to build your future. :) Julie
EddieBush Premium
Thanks, Julie! I know the 'nail it all down' approach works for a lot of people. My approach may seem a touch 'wandering', but it has worked to make me a very successful software developer. What I tend to do is start somewhere and go in a direction.

Example: I just posted an interest piece on internet marketing where I broke it down into sub-categories and dug into each briefly. I'll follow that up with doing a touch deeper dive into each of those with another interest-based piece for each sub-category.

Along the way, I plan to drop affiliate links on the segways. So, say I'm transitioning from talking about affiliate marketing to email marketing in the main piece - I drop a 'Learn more about Affiliate Marketing for FREE!' link.

Over time, I'll add some review content - or something like that - some commercial piece. ... and then I can start subbing those direct affiliate links for links to my review/commercial piece. And, of course, as I elaborate on the main interest piece, I can do some internal linking there.

I'm not easily frustrated, really. I tend to be a little different than most in that regard. Maybe its because I'm a software developer by training. All I need to keep me going is the ability to move forward. In the past, when I hit a wall with IM, I had nowhere to turn, and then something else that I could do something about came along and I stopped pursuing whatever IM goal I had at the time. Now that I've found WA, I don't think that will be a roadblock any longer.

At this stage, I really think I just need to keep studying and also practice. That WABinar was awesome! I actually really like how Jay does them. The hangout after was awesome too. It's surprising and very much appreciated the way that people here put so much care into everything. I think I'll be here for a VERY long time.

I work better with less precise goals though. For me, my goal each day is simply to 'move things forward'. Some days, that will be by writing, some it will be by studying, and some it may simply be by sharing some links on social networks like I did today. I think perhaps as important as anything is learning WHEN to post content and push it to the social networks. I've got some learning to do there, but that's fine - I love to learn. :-)

I'm writing too much and need to shut up :-) Thanks for stopping by though!
Garden77 Premium
This is Glenn a fellow premium member like yourself dropping by to say special welcome, lots of success and most of all have fun building websites
EddieBush Premium
Thanks! I appreciate it :-)
JackCao Premium
Hey Eddie! Just wanted to follow up and see how you're doing so far. Hope you've been enjoying the training offered here and the community as well.

You must be wondering if you can really make money after going through the courses here in WA. Truthfully, it can be done because I have experimented it and I know it works.

Just wanted to let you know that if you have upgraded to the premium membership, it covers the full spectrum of training, there will not be any further products that you "need" to purchase within the members area. This is unlike any programs out there.

Personally, I feel that the WA course is the best stepping stone for any one who wants to start an online business. You will be a seasoned affiliate marketer after going through the entire WA course.

See what the premium membership offers:


Let me know if you have any questions or need a hand with anything! I will be more than happy to help you out to build a successful future for you.

~Jack (BareNakedScam)
EddieBush Premium

I actually did sign-up. My curiosity was pushing me to dig into things that are premium content and so I just though, "Man, I can blow that first month's subscription on nothing. This, at least seems to be a pretty good educational platform."

I have no doubt I'll find success with WA. I'm a learner and a do-er! I love to learn and I love to teach. In the end, I think it's about the fact that I 1) enjoy solving puzzles, 2) like to be the 'answer guy', and 3) I get a huge rush from impacting peoples' lives in a positive way.

That last point was one of the tippers for me. I get the feeling Kyle is the same. Having watched and listened to him through so many videos at this point, it just seems ever-present. He tries to keep it moving and not wander too much, but he seems very concerned about ensuring the content is covered in a quality way that will help ensure it 'sticks' too.

Thanks for reaching back out to follow-up. I'm not going anywhere shortly. This is coming right out of business revenue (I'm self-employed as a software developer) as research for helping me 1) gain another income stream and 2) 'continuing education' type of thing. So, I'll take some time to learn and mull over the direction I really want to go with my first site and then dive in.

Interestingly, I found your site while doing research for my new site which I created as a result of buying Google Sniper. I found your site while doing some research to figure out how to get ranked higher.

Another interesting thing: I initially thought I wanted to target work-at-home opportunities, and I think that will certainly be an aspect of what I do, but I was planning to start with the online surveys. After really digging into your site, I'm thinking I need to start somewhere else though. The last thing I want to do is send folks somewhere they will be taken advantage of. I would have figured it out though, because my plan was to buy the program and have my wife try it for a month prior to posting any recommendation. ... but, in the meantime, I'd have potentially sent people somewhere and made money off of them that I might not later have felt good about.

I know you knock Google Sniper a bit, and - truthfully - since coming to WA, it's clear to me that there are better resources. However, I'm not sure the puppy dog sell that WA uses would necessarily convert a person who is in the "get rich quick" mindset. Maybe I'm wrong.

I've got the Google Sniper site though (http://www.thegooglesniperreview.com/), and I'll continue to update it so I can get it ranked. I think I am going to add some WA content there though too. Maybe an alternatives tab or something. I was kind of hoping to have Google Sniper make the first dollar for me on that site though, so I'll probably wait until then.

Sorry for the long message! I've been thinking about you though and the events that brought me here. It's very interesting how I was working through Google Sniper and came to WA :-)

All the Best, Jack!

Kyle Premium Plus
Don't worry, we were all newbies at one point along the way Eddie. You are going to get the hang of this and as you move through the training, things are really going to start to fall in place for you. :)

I look forward to working with you and simply drop me a reply if you ever need a hand with anything.

PS. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
EddieBush Premium
Thanks, Kyle :-) I hope you're having a great weekend as well!
Kyle Premium Plus
Most definitely Eddie. Chat soon!
JackCao Premium
Hey Eddie, Jack here. Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!

I'm glad to see you've signed up and are ready to get started.

Before you start making money, there are just two things you need to know.

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But only if you join in your first 7 days (this is what I call my "action takers" bonus).

Anyways, thought I would just introduce myself and if you have any questions going forward, let me know. :) Wonderful to have you as part of the community here at WA!

Your friend,

EddieBush Premium
Thanks, Jack!

The site is very "together." It's clear thought and care went into it. I haven't scratched deep enough to have an opinion yet, but I'm thinking hard about doing a first month so I can scratch a little deeper. Gosh, I can blow that initial cost on nothing and see no value out of it. Here, at minimum, I get a sense that I'll get some education to help me pursue affiliate marketing, and that has to at least pay for itself eventually.

Not sure which direction I'll go yet. I've got several days to decide. I really would like to make 2015 the year I finally see measured success with affiliate marketing though, so we'll see how it goes.

Thanks for the ping. I'll let ya know if I do have questions or just generally feel the need to pester you about anything.

Thanks again, Jack!

JackCao Premium
Sure Eddie, I am sure you will find a lot more value with premium. Feel free to ask me any questions, I hope you have enjoyed the starter course and possibly taken action. Look forward to your success.