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Last Update: July 12, 2017

Just a reminder that saving your work can save you lots of time and effort. I spent several hours the other day working on a new post. As I was feeling that good sense of accomplishment from writing useful knowledge, all of a sudden my computer decided to shut down. I hadn't saved my work, either in the draft, or as published. I was SOL as they say. Nothing I could do. Lesson learned. I now save everything after a few paragraphs. I'm sure that has happened to others, as well. So, save your work often, and before you get too far into it. Tom

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accad Premium
Absolutely right.
pablocortina Premium
Thank you for the heads up
delroy2222 Premium
So true Tom. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes.
Elijah1916 Premium
Yes we should save our work, but you should be able to access your website from any other laptop or any device for that matter.
ecomtom Premium
Yes, but if you haven't saved your work, it is lost. Unless, it is done through Site Content feature that Tom explains below.
Tw1 Premium
Hi Tom!
I know this situation all too well! I live in an area where thunderstorms are very frequent and I have had this same issue many times. It is a real bummer, that's for sure.

Something I have found recently that works to solve this problem is a feature here at Wealthy Affiliate! It is the SiteContent feature! Check out the post above for a little more information on this. One of the great features of SiteContent, is that it saves your work as you go!

It has already saved me from losing my work due to a power outage.

All the best to you in your endeavors!
ecomtom Premium
Thanks Tom. I will look into that. Tom