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December 17, 2019
Just finished my 100th article for my website. Had to toot my own horn a little bit. This was one of my goals from when I started. I was told a while back to not start thinking about making money until I have at least 100 published articles. I am starting to see some very good rankings, and hopefully some conversions will soon follow. I consider this a pre-success post. I have 60 posts on my other website, and will keep working on that one as well. All the best, Tom
Three of the most successful businessmen in history, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and the late Steve Jobs were asked if they could sum up the secret to their phenomenal success in one word, what would it be?All three of these titans of business gave the same answer. What was the one word secret they gave to explain their success? FocusSo, what does focus mean for us here at Wealthy Affiliate? I believe that focus means to concentrate on the WA trainings, forums, videos, on our websites, and build
Hello fellow WAer, If you are just starting out as a premium with Wealthy Affiliate, or if you have been here for a while, you have probably asked yourself this question. How many websites do I need?Once I became a premium member, I added 2 new websites right off the bat. Although having 2 websites to start is not impossible to manage, I believe that it is not ideal. Looking back, I wish I had only started with one website. I think, especially when you are a WA newbie, it is better start out wi
February 27, 2018
Hi fellow WAer. Just a quick heads up. I was in one of my affiliate networks the other day looking for a new affiliate program to advertise when much to my dismay I noticed that one of my affiliate programs, a credit offer, had decided to change my status from active to deactivated/inactive. Not sure the reason, perhaps lack of activity, but I received no notice via email of this change. It was well over a week since it had been deactivated. I had their affiliate link on several posts, and I'm
Lately I have read some posts from fellow WA members here that frankly I found difficult to fully understand. Now, I'm not the dullest light in the harbor mind you, and likely not the brightest either, so the thought occurred to me that if I find it tough to comprehend this person's writing, that at least most of the others reading it will struggle with it also. So, what is the person's intent to share this intellectual rambling that is like deciphering complex code or ancient hieroglyphics, I
December 02, 2017
If you are in a quandary like I was as to why my posts and keywords weren't ranking well, I can tell you to keep writing. It all comes back to quality, relevant, helpful content. If you do, and you have followed the WA training as to how to optimize your content for SEO, eventually your posts and pages will start ranking. Once this happens, the traffic should come, and hopefully you will start to see some conversions. Understand that it does take time. Rome wasn't built in a day. If you do pers
Most Important SEO Ranking Factors from Top MarketersA recent poll was taken of 256 influential internet marketers. They were asked what they considered to be the most important SEO ranking factors. Here are the results: 1. Relevant Content Creation 57%2. Keyword/Phrase research 49%3. Social Media Integration 39%4. External/Internal linking 36%5. Mobile Responsive Design 34%6. Meta Description Tags 26%7. Webpage Loading Speed 24%Have a productive day. Tom
In case you haven't found it yet, Facebook Groups is a great way to advertise/market your websites for FREE. Just go to your FB page, then go to FB Groups, click on the Discover tab, and scroll down to find related categories, and groups. You will also see the amount of members of each group. Obviously, the more members the better. Once you have found a related group with enough members, click on the join tab. The group moderator will let you know when you are approved. Sometimes this happens
August 09, 2017
Warren Buffet was on TV last night. And here’s what the billionaire had to say about becoming wealthy:1, Become an entrepreneur. (No, he didn’t say to save 10% of every teeny-tiny paycheck and put it into stocks twice monthly times 45 years!)2, The research is clear: being your own boss is where it’s at; however, starting a biz is the easy part. Especially online.3, Nearly 80% of small businesses (and I’d bet even more internet businesses) go “belly up” insid
July 12, 2017
Just a reminder that saving your work can save you lots of time and effort. I spent several hours the other day working on a new post. As I was feeling that good sense of accomplishment from writing useful knowledge, all of a sudden my computer decided to shut down. I hadn't saved my work, either in the draft, or as published. I was SOL as they say. Nothing I could do. Lesson learned. I now save everything after a few paragraphs. I'm sure that has happened to others, as well. So, save your wo