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Last Update: November 28, 2012
Well stepping back and taking a look at my first year. First I find WA in November with a Black Friday free trial month and soon was saying I need to sign up for a membership there’s just no way I’m going to get through this 30 day course. I was sold instantly because I created a website within hours, something I thought I should have skill in.

Next thing new to my world was the concept of creating traffic to my site. Who Knew? Well shortly into my new year I was very busy with jobs to pay the bills. Which left no time for learning my new skills of developing traffic to my site. Sadly I had no energy to focus on The Wabinar’s hosted each Friday, which was also a huge turning point for me as well. I soon learned the different ways of creating money online. Which lead me to figuring out how to keep direction and stay on task.

Social Media has also been a major focus point for me as well. I had accounts in the different services Facebook, Twitter and Google +, just didn’t know how to utilize them properly, now truly realizing the impact of new contacts you can gain.

At this point of time I am thinking of re-directing. I’m not skilled enough to promote Wealth Affiliate. I have learned lots and am thinking of branching out into niche sites or flipping sites. Unfortunately I don’t have much time to invest. Actually a few of the months, I had zero hours to support my Wealthy Affiliate efforts. However I truly enjoy reading profiles and trying to accomplish something, so I am looking forward to year two.

Kyle, Carson and Jay and everybody else who works the back scenes of making WA as wonderful as it is, I just would like to thank you. I can honestly say I have never seen so much change in the last year as I have here. New and improved seems to happen every few months.

Good Luck To Everybody Who Is Heading Into The New Year!
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Shawn Martin Premium
And good luck to you! Glad you gave us an update!
jespinola Premium
:O Thank you for sharing your experiences :)
mama2karsten Premium
Thanks for sharing your review. Good luck in the coming year.