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I found thisYoutube and can honestly say this is what internet marketing is all about! Hope you enjoy!
July 15, 2013
Well my little inner self is once again feeling Blog deprived. I read the Top 10 quite regularly and it amazes me how people can have hundreds of blogs and well after two years. I still working on my first 20! I laugh I think it's kind of funny. Well I am one of those people that likes to define my strengths and weaknesses. Well writing needless to say is a skill I constantly seem to be improving, which is all good because at least I am improving! I like to write blogs regarding my advance
Multi Vendor ShowcasingWell I sat at the Lodge from 10 - 4 pm on Sunday. The show was called “Mommylicious” and had 50 vendors, a bouncy house and Elmo. I had a table with a white tablecloth, two pillars of information, brochures and of course my business cards. What Am I Talking About?I have succeeded in my first Trade Show promoting Wealthy Affiliate. I was pretty good at keeping the expense down. Many people spend great dollars on advertising and promotional goods. I had mad
March 29, 2013
Well I have taken the first steps in registering for my trade fair. I have decided to rent a table and show all my talent with what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. I am laughing at myself because I don't really know what I have gotten myself into. I got so excited with the idea of mom's getting together to show their talents and decided that they are missing out if they don't have an online presence. It is so simple to become an affiliate of so many products why would they not wa
January 02, 2013
To start my New Year I did take the initiative to write some goals and ways of inspiring. I often have thoughts of what I would like to accomplish but never really write them down. I have started New Year’s resolutions finding something to improve and taking the initiative to really make it happen through the year. Common goals would be getting out of debt, losing weight, stop swearing, say I love you each and every day, wearing a piece of jewellery. You can achieve the smallest goal makin
December 13, 2012
Hi Everyone!I received this image through my Google + account today and just felt it should be shared with everyone. I haven't seen such a powerful thought provoking image for awhile. Dream About It - It is important to have and should be given time to create. It gives you something to aim towards and provides happiness. To Think On It - Is creating a plan it allows us to make sense of the important things in the world to us. Helping us represent or interpret it in ways which makes
November 28, 2012
Well stepping back and taking a look at my first year. First I find WA in November with a Black Friday free trial month and soon was saying I need to sign up for a membership there’s just no way I’m going to get through this 30 day course. I was sold instantly because I created a website within hours, something I thought I should have skill in.Next thing new to my world was the concept of creating traffic to my site. Who Knew? Well shortly into my new year I was very busy with j
August 28, 2012
Well I have decided to finally write another post. I once again wanted to emphasize how important it is to regenerating ourselves taking breaks and what small efforts can do for us. One of the points Kyle gets credit for would be a tip about having background music without words and how that can relax a person while making yourself more productive.I have always believed in exercising. I like walking parks and mild hiking. One of my daily routines is going for my walk before I sit down and at
June 13, 2012
I don't know how many people have had trouble in this area. When I first created account in an affiliate site all of a sudden I had text enhancer's on all of my written work (website, articles). What a text enhancer does is it puts advertising within your work. It highlights the word and when you hover over it with your mouse it pulls up advertising. It gets really annoying when it occurs very 10 words. I really felt my reader where tired out before they were able to get to my lin
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June 03, 2012
Ok not a good thing. On my website I ignored Google Analytics for oh ....... a long time. It just wasn't active. Thought it was ok. Well decided I should make this plug in happen. Stressed oh for awhile. Read instructions with google entered account and on I'm suppose to open account. Ok enter UA Code in help with google and well entered account info.I writing this blog because it never seizes to amaze me. Everytime I write my question I have the answer before I'm finished wi
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