New Year's Resolutions

Last Update: January 02, 2013
To start my New Year I did take the initiative to write some goals and ways of inspiring. I often have thoughts of what I would like to accomplish but never really write them down. I have started New Year’s resolutions finding something to improve and taking the initiative to really make it happen through the year. Common goals would be getting out of debt, losing weight, stop swearing, say I love you each and every day, wearing a piece of jewellery. You can achieve the smallest goal making a positive impact on your year.

So here goes for 2013;

  • Make someone smile through sharing materials with Google+, Pinterest or Twitter. Something that is inspirational or just funny at least once a month.
  • I have recently decided that I would host an event at a trade show. I will prepare brochures and business cards, have my information displayed in columns. Here hopefully I will be able to help people take the first initial steps at discovering Online Entrepreneurship.
  • Change the all on “my shoulders feelings” I get from the words helping people.
  • More action and less learning – I need to put my developed skills more to use.
  • Have a functional website showing proof of $100 earnings.
  • To take 15 minutes through my busy time to do something Wealthy Affiliate. I work evening and weekends through tax time along with my other job. This year I would like to take the initiative to even just view followers or read people’s blogs. I would also like to not put aside the wabinars. Even if that means viewing after they have aired, 15 minutes each evening.
Well I would like to wish everyone a very happy New Year and hope you may experience many small and large successes in 2013.
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BIS Premium
Getting out of debt, losing weight and stop swearing?? Me too. Seriously the very best of luck with your goals for 2013. It's not just a case of writing them down. You need to have them somewhere visible so you have a constant reminder that's what you're working towards. Otherwise it's easy to forget.

Best wishes
ECAffiliates Premium
Hi BIS, Was actually giving examples of common goals people list. I don't think I would take that all on. I was aiming for the ones after the "So here goes for 2013". Still working on the writing bit, not the easiest thing for me but I do keep plugging away. Best wishes for 2013, hope you further your successes!
Shawn Martin Premium
Best wishes in 2013!
bigstevec Premium
good one - writing goals is supposed to be more effective because if we don't write them down and read them every day then we tend to lose sight of them - good luck
Hudson Premium
Well done for listing these. They will help both you and others. Happy and prosperous 2013,