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Last Update: August 28, 2012
Well I have decided to finally write another post. I once again wanted to emphasize how important it is to regenerating ourselves taking breaks and what small efforts can do for us. One of the points Kyle gets credit for would be a tip about having background music without words and how that can relax a person while making yourself more productive.

I have always believed in exercising. I like walking parks and mild hiking. One of my daily routines is going for my walk before I sit down and attempt my online marketing. Nutrition and most important I find when I am trying to accomplish something new I tense right up, get up and move stretch those muscles.

Through trial and error I now find myself writing down what needs to be accomplished. I have a list for today accomplishments like emails, sharing articles, schedule tweets or pinterest. Another list for growths which could include things I like to learn or things that take time to learn. Defining the task of what is to be completed stops me from taking to many directions.

I am one of those people who is not able to commit myself 100% to Internet Marketing. So there are times in the year I am not able to put direct effort into achieving my skills. Always feeling like I am falling behind or just lacking the umphh to get back to daily efforts sometimes seemed overwhelming.

See I drive a school bus part-time, and figured I would get my challenge by doing personal tax through season. (This definitely takes all energy - some of my non-productive months for internet marketing). Actually having part-time work I truly believed this is my break for my home based business opportunity - through non-tax months.

Well feeling months lost I continue on reviewing what I have achieved in the months prior. I acutally have a pretty good understanding of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, now I just have to get a schedule happening, where I feel I'm inputting weekly without time loss. Also the fact of what I have learned with the different methods of marketing PPC, Article, Ads, Street Articles etc.

Anyways back to my main reason on this article (REGENERATING). Well not much to my pleasure I found myself cleaning buses this summer. (One of the hardest jobs I have even done). To tired to focus on Internet Marketing I found myself taking another break. Getting better at this game, I didn't stress to much this time, knowing it's not hard to get back into the swing of things here at WA. Before I did I decided that my vacation was going camping to a lake for a week. I have actually always believed in disconnecting from technology for a time period. Once again feeling balanced and centered, on-track and renewed energy I am ready to go for the next quarter of my ventures with online marketing.

As another fellow member has mentioned about reaching a milestone regarding followers. I have now reached 100 followers. I go over counting 1,2,3,4,5, etc. and realizing 100 is pretty cool. I watch this pretty closely as it reminds me of how many people would like, need or crave for further income.

Best Wishes for your next quarter!

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Ema Premium
Thanks for sharing and for the support :)
Shawn Martin Premium
Pretty cool when people follow you, I just hit 300. Great community here!
Labman Premium Plus
I guess that means you are following me too. Don't be too hard on yourself. Just try to do something each day...keep that list and tick off will get there.