My First Month Of Wealthy Affiliate: Progress Report Of Event Butterfly Inc

Last Update: April 08, 2021



Wealthy Affiliate, You have requested that I “Create a Blog Post Within Wealthy Affiliate (Documenting My Progress Thus Far)”.

This request is found within the Training of Wealthy Affiliate, at LEVEL 2: Lesson 10 - Boosting Your WA Ranks!

Wealthy Affiliate says writing this article is a great way to:

  • Share with others what You have accomplished thus far…
  • Lead to some really awesome networking within the community.

My objective in “Documenting My Progress Thus Far” will be going into detail on my first month with Wealthy Affiliate. Hopefully I will provide relevant valuable insight to the Wealthy Affiliate community. This will also provide the opportunity to journal my path on what has led me here.

Wealthy Affiliate community… You want to know about the 7 topics of my:


As I am still new to blog article writing, I encourage open discussion as I teach the material presented. As I teach, I get to learn twice, and twice as fast.

If You have any questions or comments please share them below. If my information is of value, please consider following me.

Again Thank You for joining me in reading my article.

Let’s begin!


One month ago, on 2021, March 2nd, I signed up for a free Wealthy Affiliate account.

In the very beginning, the idea was to just become familiar within the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Then early on, Wealthy Affiliate introduced me to the Training, the Websites, and the Classes. After a few days, it was evident that there is much value here!

So I began going through the free Training LEVEL 1. Within a few days, I saw the value in Wealthy Affiliate. I am a visual learner, so the training videos really help!

Within the first week, I took advantage of the monthly plan, at the first month being discounted.

In my first 10 days, I completed the Training LEVEL 1: Lesson 1 to Lesson 10. The goal was to stay focused every day and learn what the Wealthy Affiliate had to teach me.

Then in the 25 days after, I have completed LEVEL 2: Lesson 1 to Lesson 9. Lesson 10 is this post right here. So by the time You read this, I will have completed.

Soon to be on LEVEL 3.

My progress so far has been attempting to write 4 articles. Of those, the last 2 articles are fully written. I am feeling as if I have a better understanding of writing posts, or I hope so. As I stated earlier, writing this article will further help in writing additional articles.

Just yesterday I was just introduced to my Wealthy Affiliate “Ranking”. Currently I am at the end of the line at the 33,353 position (or the shortened version shown at 33.4K).

My involvement with the community is continuing to read what You have to say, to learn from You, and to provide feedback to You. So I must have value, since 37 of You are my profile Friends.

NICHE / Event Butterfly Inc has sub niched way down, to write about Event Table Centerpieces. The goal is to write about the Table Centerpieces of each Holiday around the calendar year, and the Milestone Occasions of Life.

Our audience is for the person hosting the home event; a home event planner.

My feeling is I must get very good at conveying these Centerpieces, until ready to broaden the scope.

So I learned that one's greatest income is where one's greatest talent and greatest passion intersect.

My greatest talent is being a creative person in everything that I work with.

My greatest passion is everything to do with Events.

So here I have that rare opportunity to Create for Events! Currently in my Event Centerpiece niche, I am so delighted to use my creativity to build Centerpieces for all the events.



Financial success has yet to arrive. Plain and simple. The Event Butterfly shop made a whopping $23 from the T-Shirt designs for the entire fiscal year of 2020 year.

I believe that continuing with article writing is a good solution to financial independence. I also believe Wealthy Affiliate will help me to get to that next Chapter in my income.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform is the only one of its kind; or at least one that I am aware of. Wealthy Affiliate combines the Training and the Keyword Research Tool to be the sole solution.

I trust the money will come.

Affiliate Marketers must get good at writing and the sales will happen. A good salesperson puts the customer’s needs above the deal. Solve the customer’s problem… show them how much You care... Use Your 2 ears and 1 mouth, listen and listen and then speak, and then shut up… win the deal. Have fun. Make the customer feel valued; make them laugh. You will win more sales.

“Nobody cares how much You know, until they know how much You care.”

  • Theodore Roosevelt

On the contrary, act like You need the sale, pressure the customer, and the deal will never happen.

Non Financially / Feeling Proud or Satisfied:

So I feel satisfied about completing the 2 of the total 4 articles asked by Wealthy Affiliate… so far.

My success here is in using word processor tools to best write articles. Then once completed, to copy and paste them into WordPress.

I use Google Workspace tools (formerly known from 2020 and earlier as Google Suite).

Prior to Wealthy Affiliate, my first attempt at writing blog articles was in the 2020 Fall. A few trusted YouTube Channels were helpful, such as “Income School” and “Miles Beckler”.

So my workflow in writing a blog article is three steps:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Outline
  3. Article

Keyword Research:

Google Sheets is used in helping to analyze the data from the Jaaxy keyword research. A great keyword phrase will be shown.

From this, the Title will be developed. The keyword phrase will be part of a larger working Title. Usually the keyword is placed in the beginning of the Title.


Google Docs is used in writing up a quick working outline.

Included is the Title (from the keyword research).

Then the Introduction, Body Main Headings, and finally the Conclusion.

In the past month I have been with Wealthy Affiliate, but as I stated, I have attempted blog writing over the past year. So it appears that in writing a blog article, one first should write the Outline. The Outline is a must!

Writing an outline is:

  • Much quicker than writing the article.
  • Defines the frame of which You will be later writing the article.
  • Keeps You, (or at least me), focused on the topics when writing the article begins.


Google Docs is used in writing up the article also.

The Article begins with copying the Outline file. From the Outline, the Article can be built up.

Real quick on just explaining the relationship of the Article to the Original Outline.

Creating an Outline, and copying it as a separate Article file is also done for 3 reasons:

  1. The outline helps as a working frame, to then further build up the article.

  2. Should there be the need to ever go back, the original outline is in place.

  3. Finally, ideas are further developed in the Article. Some good ideas may work with the overall flow of the article.
    While other good ideas, although they work very well on their own merit, may not quite congeal within the flow of the entire article as a whole.
    Therefore this idea but badly positioned, needs to be removed from the article.
    Yet the idea is still very good and should be saved.
    So the idea is cut from the article, but pasted into the original outline, at the bottom.
    This way should the idea ever be further explored, we still have it.

In writing the Articles, I feel very satisfied to finish an article, and do so well above the required 1,000+ words. At first I thought this was a large number. Now I am writing articles well over 3,300+ words!

I am also proud to believe that perhaps I brought value to the reader, and thus my website.


We talked about the word processor software used. So let’s give the hardware its due as well.

My writing is done on an iMac computer to help with my success. Know that I know what I am talking about when I talk about computers; as I am proficient on PC, and Mac. It has been a while since Linux, but I am familiar.

My suggestion is that You may want to go with an iMac as well. If You are not yet familiar, the iMac is an all-in-one computer and screen together. No more towers!

The iMac does multi-display, and so very easily! Triple Monitor! The iMac of course is its own monitor, and allows 2 additional monitors. So 3 monitors all together.

Now here is where the iMac gets even better…

The iMac also has multi-desktops by pressing the F3 on the keyboard. Sure each monitor has its own desktop area. However only the Mac allocates that each monitor may have up to 16 desktops!

So in theory a 3 Monitor Workstation, multiplied by 16 Desktops each, equals 48 desktops!

Plus connecting it to the Laptop, and or the TV is easy as well.

My workflow definitely uses the 3 monitors. It is a Must! The desktops on each monitor, I may use 2 or 3 at most. So a total of 7 to 9 desktops at a max.

The main iMac monitor sits in the middle, and between the two old Dell PC Monitors. I’ll have multiple shells of Google Chrome web browser opened. Plus multiple tabs opened as well.

The main iMac monitor is used to write the Article.

On either PC monitor, I’ll have the opened to help in writing.

The other monitor will usually have and email.


My mindset on writing is improving. Teachers say to teach the unknown subjects by basing them on known subjects.

So I am seeing the unknown subject of writing, to that of a known subject of the idea of the Forest through the Trees analogy. Here is my correlation of the subjects.

Writing an Outline is much like traveling above the Forest. Carve Your path through! See the path in its entirety from start to finish; into from one side of the Forest and out through the other side.

When the Article is being written, You are now deep down within the Woods. You are looking up at the Trees. Scary, huh? No… You are fine. You are familiar with the path ahead. This is the second time around. Follow Your Outline… Your Guide, Your Map, and Your Compass!

In the Article writing, have fun with the journey along the way. It is here where You develop the characteristics of those Headings. The Outline did not yet discover them. It is much like discovering the forest gems that were hidden by the overhead Tree canopy. Perhaps old oak trees with gnarled roots and personalities to match that are grasping to the huge boulder mounds. Or perhaps a winding stream with round river rock, cascading waterfalls, and wild fish. Or perhaps You develop and discover an analogy of comparing writing to a hike in the forest! LOL.


The Wealthy Affiliate Platform:

Wealthy Affiliate is enjoyable for several reasons that I want to touch on.

The Training is very enjoyable. The videos and the reading are perfect for both visual and auditory learners. Earning the accolades adds to the enjoyment.

The keyword research tool is great! Having the Jaaxy membership with the Wealthy Affiliate membership is invaluable. My first week, I was very skeptical about if Wealthy Affiliate offers Jaaxy. So I am pleasantly surprised.

The Website platform is a very nice addition for people who need a subdomain website. Furthermore the hosting appears to be top notch. I am contemplating on switching my website over to the Wealthy Affiliate hosting service.

The Community is wonderful. If I have a question,... it is answered within a day; often within the hour!

Wealthy Affiliate validates what I knew to be true. So Thank You for the affirmation on the material!

Finally the defining of all the terms and buzz words we use as affiliate marketers is also reassuring.

From all these thoughts, I have two examples to share with Kyle and Carson:

  • In regards to the Accolades we can earn: has a system of accolades and awards that any website or app may incorporate. The system is complete with visual and auditory chimes. Perhaps Wealthy Affiliate may benefit from this.
    Last year I briefly experienced the Xperiencity system, and was introduced to the company’s president Marisa Murgatroyd who spoke at this past 2020 November (virtual) 21 For 21 Challenge and the 2020 December (virtual) T&C summit.
  • In regards to Wealthy Affiliate validating and defining Affiliate Marketing:
    One very appropriate real life example to that thought, is one of our human psyche. At the University, I was enrolled in a Child Psychology class. There was a story of a group of psychologists that were studying the behavior of kindergarten children who played every day outside during recess time. Although the children played very close to the building, not venturing too far out into the playground. It was only later, once the school fencing had been installed to define the property did the behavior radically change. The children were now exploring all throughout the school property and even to the edge of the fencing! Before the fencing, the children were not given clear instructions on the boundaries. However, once the fence was up, it re-defined everything. The moral of the story is that we are all children, who play to the best of our abilities when our playgrounds are defined!

Future Finances:

Of all the enjoyment,... I forecast that my most enjoyable moment has yet to come.

That will be the happiest day when my first financial goal has finally happened!

My first goal is that my website finally earns $50 by the end of 2021. The payoff is very small, but it will be a very well deserved reward.

Then it will be validation that my blog articles are indeed working.


So I write and have fun with the journey of the workflow process.

There is much satisfaction to know that I can start the day and write. Then knowing throughout the day that I can write a lot, is very encouraging. Finally at the end of the long day, to look back and see how much I have written is ecstatic.

In my past, writing has been a challenge; (I will get to that below in the Difficulty heading.)

The Journey:

Next is the enjoyment is the journey itself,... or rather how far I have come in the journey so far. You must be active, not passively waiting. The idea of waiting for success of one's hypothetical “Ship Coming In” to financial freedom, is one of society's biggest deceptions. It never happens. You must swim out to the Ship! You prove to Yourself, and to everyone on board the Ship that You are worthy. Maybe the ship meets You halfway,... maybe not. Doesn’t matter. Have the mindset that once You board the ship, that You must swim again in the future. So, knowing that I am swimming the journey, is enjoyment.


Finally believing that I am building a legacy for my family, my future employees, and the world,... is very encouraging. To know that one day I will pass, but my words may exist beyond.


Technical Difficulty:

My articles are first written in Google Docs so that they are auto saved every step of the way.

My problem is created when the article is finished, it is time to copy and paste into the WordPress blog. However it does not copy and paste exactly the same format. The line spacing is off.

In the writing of this and striving to find the answers right away, I did a search and found...

So it appears we are all having this issue. The best solutions mentioned are:

  • Gutenberg WordPress Block Editor
  • Mammoth .docx
  • Gdocs2md Google Apps Script

My Learning Challenge Difficulty:

So I am now 44 years old. It has been 15 years since I was diagnosed with inherited specific learning difficulties (SLD). I was born with two types: Dyslexia and Dyscalculia.

Occasionally, and especially in the beginning of a new niche, doing research analysis, can lead to paralysis. Analysis Paralysis. This I am sure will pass, as I learn more and more about my niche.

The two Wealthy Affiliate article assignments, where I wrote over 3,300+ words, took me over 5 days to write each one! Way too long. Hopefully my workflow process will speed up as again I learn more about my niche, and I also improve my writing.

The good news is I use writing techniques to help. Outlines help to keep focused. Then further into the Article as I write and write, I may encounter the difficulty of putting all the many thoughts together. So if I have trouble with an Article Heading, I will further outline my main points of that paragraph or section, and then proceed writing again.

Using the is another big help. Search a word, and it will find related words. Use those related words to structure complex sentences using descriptive words, and do so without sounding redundant.

The “Forest” app on my Mobile iPhone helps to track my work time. The app theme is growing a Forest one plant at a time. Set the timer, and set down Your phone. Begin Your work. After the timer, the plant sprouts and matures. It is a fun way to stay focused. Plus You may earn enough points to purchase additional trees. Here is the amazing part. Collect enough points and trade them in so that the Forest app staff will actually plant real trees!

Drinking Kava Tea has the power to relax You, and make You focus better. Rarely do I have anxiety, but when I had and I was given the tea, I was calm. Also my thoughts flow easier in communication. Caution… be careful with Kava Tea! The tea when mixed with Your individual biological chemistry may react differently than from another person. It is strongly recommended to begin with the lowest dosage as Kava Tea has legal drug effects.

As an added bonus, writing this article will further help me in practicing the art of writing blog posts.

Scam Protection:

Over the past decades, I have seen my fair share of scams. I am sure You have too. People have come and gone who are charlatans… tricksters.

So sadly over the decades, I have gone from being fully trusting and believing there is all good in the world, to being reserved and skeptical of most ideas. No Thanks to the charlatans and tricksters who prey upon the needs of people.

Now I recommend only joining a website in the beginning for a month. See if You like it. So I followed my own advice, and joined for 1 month. In the first 2 weeks of being with Wealthy Affiliate, I was still skeptical.

Even more skeptical in regards to Jaaxy. What did the WealthyAffiliate membership grant You access to what Jaaxy features?! So in my difficulties, I halted for 2 days on the Wealthy Affiliate training, in order to protect myself. My two options are to stop and investigate, or blindly trust everything. No. I will not be made a fool again (I’ll share my fool story below.)

So I lost a few days on the Wealthy Affiliate training as I needed to understand Jaaxy and what I may or may not be investing in, come when my Wealthy Affiliate membership ends in the first month, or is renewed in month number 2.

I am happy to say I love Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy in Month 2!

My Fool Story… Perhaps It Helps You:

Embarrassingly back in 2015, I have been a victim of the Rich Dad Poor Dad Education, founded by Robert Kiyosaki: trusted author of the best book of the same title, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, and businessman of the “Rich Dad Company”. The Education was repurchased by Elite Legacy Education.

If You are asked to attend… Run Away!

Learn more at The College Investor - The Ultimate Hypocrite: Robert Kiyosaki and His Company’s Bankruptcy

I trusted the teachings of Robert Kiyosaki’s books and audio guides. However I was made a fool to family and friends in attending his Classes... especially family.

You attend a 3 Day Free Investment Class. The host speaker is a well dressed Real Estate Investor who teaches You theories that are actually non existent. The speaker persuades You to sign up for their training courses, where s/he will be leading You every step of the way. The free event is nothing more than an elaborate scam with lies upon lies.

Once You attend the next class, You are told the real truth that the Real Estate success they had built up is only available to 3% of the housing market. Furthermore, the original speaker is nowhere to be found. Forget about a refund for the class. The money is gone.

They tell You that You need a loan with their bank. Furthermore they say You can use the loan, to pay the loan. This is a big lie. Once I received the loan money, the bank disagreed. You can’t pay a loan with a loan. It doesn’t work like that. I had to get the United States banking involved to pressure the bank to reverse and cancel the loan.

I was robbed of my dignity and respect that my family had for me. I can’t get that back.

Does anyone know how to create a Class Action Lawsuit against them!?!

Family Respect:

The blog article business must succeed. I need to be self sufficient. I believe in myself and I believe my 2021 efforts I am doing here will become my 2022 income.

When the business is a success, the respect from my wife and family will improve. So I just keep working on the business.

In the aforementioned Fool Story, my family, both immediate and extended, still see me as a person who continues to struggle with the lack of income.

My employment as a graphic designer in the past 2 decades has been less than ideal. Other jobs to fill the voids have been even more problematic to down right toxic. In total I have been laid off 6 times.

My self employment was good, but just as supplementary income.

So here I am in my business that I started in 2012, and founded 2017. It is still in its startup as it has yet to cross the expense to revenue intersect. In 2020, my business made a whopping $23 in revenue.

Recently a parent told me to seriously quit my business. My family repeatedly asks what my business is about, despite that it started a decade ago. I feel no one in my family truly believes I will grow my business.


My Blog Article Goals…

The Current Date:


3 Months:


My goal is to make it all the way through the Wealthy Affiliate Training. LEVEL 1 required 10 days to complete. LEVEL 2 required 25 days. So perhaps a month may be required to complete each of the upcoming LEVEL 3, LEVEL 4, and LEVEL 5.

6 Months:


My goal is to have 24 posts completed.

9 Months:


My goals are to have:

  • 36 posts in total
  • Affiliate Marketing with centerpiece companies
  • Setting up centerpieces to photograph and videograph.
  • Begin incorporating those photos and videos into the blog and YouTube.


My Financial Goals...

  1. to earn its first $50 by the end of the 2021 year. I believe the goal is low but reachable.
  2. Earn $50 within a 3 month quarter sometime.
  3. Third goal is to earn $50 within a month.


Wealthy Affiliate, You have requested that I “Create a Blog Post Within Wealthy Affiliate (Documenting My Progress Thus Far)”.

This request is found within the Training of Wealthy Affiliate, at LEVEL 2: Lesson 10 - Boosting Your WA Ranks!

Wealthy Affiliate asked that I share with others, on what I have accomplished thus far in my first month, and laid out in the 7 Topics involving my:


Hopefully I have succeeded in sharing with Wealthy Affiliate, and my journey to what has led me here.

My aspiration is that I have provided relevant valuable insight with You the Wealthy Affiliate community…

and as stated by Wealthy Affiliate… in the process will “lead to some really awesome networking within the community.”

Again as I am still new to blog article writing, I encourage open discussion as I teach the material presented. As I teach, I get to learn twice, and twice as fast.

Feel free to share with any questions or comments, if my information is of value, or not of value.

Please consider following me and or networking… and again Thank You for spending your time with me in reading my article.

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DValentine Premium
Awesome write-up Michael !

A couple of things of note.
1. Google Docs comes with a very good speech-to-text editor which may help you with future writings.
2. Obviously the current worldwide situation hasn't helped with Events as they've just not been allowed to happen - so, hopefully, 2021 - 22 will be better positioned for you to take the lead.
3. How have your direct competitors fared in the lockdowns? If any of them are still going, how did they alter their business direction to keep afloat? That may be a direction you could explore going forward.
4. I shall, happily, take you up on your offer to follow you as I think you have what it takes to take Butterfly Events Inc. to the top and stay there.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Wow, Michael! A heck of a write-up, my friend! Very well done! Did you get a word-count on that one? I'd be curious to know!

EButterfly Premium
Thank You.

4,266 words.

15 pages of Google Docs.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Very nice, Michael! Thanks for letting me know!

richardgb Premium
Hi Michael
I love your open and honest style of writing.
Now just keep going, keep following the training and ask questions as they arise by going to 'Help' and then 'Ask A Question'. That way you'll go far!
EButterfly Premium
Thank You
JEaston Premium Plus
Great work! And Good sharing here of all that you have achieved.
Yes, that is the right attitude to believe in yourself. "I am also proud to believe that perhaps I brought value to the reader and thus my website."

Believe. You can do it!
We are waiting for your next sharing of progress.
Thanks and best wishes,
EButterfly Premium
Thank You