Short, medium and long term goals and the planking photo

Last Update: October 04, 2014

It would have been great if I had the luxury of time, but my children, unfortunately refuse to stop eating for a month or three ;-)

Just joking, I think a lot of us finds ourselves in that position.

You want the build a real business online, but you just lost your job, or in my case, a big contract. So while you want to stick to the real deal - you need to find a balance somewhere.

Short term, I need to get some money in, but I absolutely hate, or call it my pet peeve or pet hate (depending on your country), the idea of selling ideas. Let me explain what I mean, I want to sell people a real product, not just an idea that they need to go sell to someone else to make money. Have you ever noticed how many "so called products" are actually just you selling the idea and getting paid for that?

Wealthy Affiliate is not like that, which is why I really like the program, but if you fighting against the flashing images of beaches, cars and big houses - and trying to get in front of the desperate people, it sometimes feel like a losing battle.

So I have revised my goals:

Short term - getting people to my Just Cash site - yes it only makes you $10 or $12 dollar, but that buys bread and milk.

Medium term - getting people to Wealthy Affiliate and iProfit. Both of these teaches you and allow you to build residual income and more importantly a team. The products behind iProfit and Domain Cost Club is hosting and domain names. Things you need on the internet. And Wealthy Affiliate to me is training and community.

Longer term - and this one might suprise you - to get a real training program set up and running for the normal people, the ones I see and talk to everyday. I have a lot of old students, former co-workers and friends that is struggling to get by. The idea of doing something on the internet seems as distance as "planking" seems to me. See image below ;-) But I think there is a really big market for people to meet again and talk to each other. Not just virtually but also face to face. I would love to use half of the bookshop in my village and make it into a "Common People making money online" coffeeshop. Places where you can say in your local dialect - "I do not understand - let's start again from the very beginning"!

I grew up on a farm in Africa, without electricity and have managed to adapt to this virtual world, but still like talking to flesh and blood people, face to face. But don't think that makes me appreciate my WA team less! You guys and girls are great!

The great thing is, I can work on all my goals together, always learning and achieving a little bit of financial freedom step by step.

Wish me luck and below the (very close to reality) borrowed planking picture!

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marsgram Premium
Haha! When I was doing the plank I wondered how hilarious I must now I know!
Sui_generis Premium
Funny, I can relate to the plank photo!!!! I'm sure you look more like the first but if not, it's a good goal. LOL
mlshands Premium
Those are great goals! Sounds like you have well thought out plan.
atc1234 Premium
Your a great writer
ebmr2 Premium
Thanks, actually that is my biggest challenge! English is my second language and I am a bit of a techie. So think it make sense but need to make myself re-read it over and over again.
kholmes Premium
Sweet, Lol! :))