Coming Soon Or Under Construction Pages

Last Update: September 12, 2016

When you are building your site, you do not want Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. viewing your site that is not finished. Google and others send out 1000's of Bots checking sites. If your pages are active they will see empty pages, no content matching the title or matching keywords. So you start out being ranked low.

Also, people keying in your keywords may come to your site and see nothing or it unfinished. First impressions count. What can you do?

Add a coming soon or under construction sign. Go to your "Plug-ins" on your WP dashboard. Then on the plug-in page go up top, and go to Add New Plugins. When you click this on you will go to a page that will allow you to search for new plug-ins. On the right will be a search box. Type in either coming soon or under construction.

There are a lot to choose from. Choose whatever one you want. Some are basic some are fancier. Once you choose the one you want upload it and then activate it. Find it on your dashboard, fill in the information, and turn it on.

Now when someone comes to your site including Google it will say your site is coming soon. Some even have a date and clock visitors can see when it will be ready.

When your site is ready just turn the coming soon off and your site is ready for Google and visitors.

Hope this helps. Any questions always feel free to contact me.

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Debkozi Premium
I just added a coming soon plug in and it is activated. Why can't I see it on my website? Does it only appear when someone comes across it on google?
Debkozi Premium
My site just got indexed today even though it is not yet completed. Is is recommended that I add the "coming soon" plug-in?
JudeP Premium
Thanks Ed :)
MPollock Premium
Great info, you could even use it with a launch, etc.
onmyownterms Premium
Great info. Thanks for sharing.