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January 21, 2017
The following on list building is not meant to be instructional but informative. It's meant to give you another option to SEO. I look at a lot of websites and I am amazed at how many do not have opt-in forms. If you are not collecting emails from visitors or buyers, you will have a harder time at making money online. Yes people are making money with organic marketing (SEO) but the real money makers have a list of customers and potential customers.You probably have heard "The Money Is In The
I received a very interesting phone call today from my "Google AdWords" rep. It seems both my sites have been suspended by Google AdWords. I cannot run AdWords ads for either of my sites.What has happened to me can also happen to you if you use Google AdWords.Now maybe many of you already knew the following but I didn't and I will assume some others don't. It seems Google does not allow (or will penalize) any websites that use "Bridge" links. This means you cannot link from your website to the
When you are building your site, you do not want Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. viewing your site that is not finished. Google and others send out 1000's of Bots checking sites. If your pages are active they will see empty pages, no content matching the title or matching keywords. So you start out being ranked low. Also, people keying in your keywords may come to your site and see nothing or it unfinished. First impressions count. What can you do?Add a coming soon or under construction sign. Go