I'm a little miffed today, and its really bugging me

Last Update: December 12, 2016

Over the years i've learnt not to let things get to me and to keep a positive attitude, but i'm really cheesed off today over a parent at my sons school, and just need to rant so apologies. My son started reception class in September, its only a little school, but today one of the mums handing out presents for children, she has 2 other kids aswell and heard my Son say " But im so and so's friend" eagerly waiting to be handed a gift " No sorry, hes only allowed gifts for 3 of his friends and he didn't choose you!" I saw his little face just drop, and his spark just went in a moment, now i just hope my son doesn't take this to heart like i have and gets on with his day. I can only wait now till i collect him from school, I am worried this could lead to bullying and i will certainly be saying something if it does. i was bullied at school and can just hear them now taunting "you didn't get a present your not my friend"

What would you do in this position?

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MoragK Premium
Hi, I think speaking to the mother is the right thing to do. That was so insensitive on the mothers part. I think Dawn is right, it could be a good life lesson for your little guy. Hope all works out. All the best.
KeithMaki Premium
I would speak to the mother who handed out the gifts and ask her how she would feel if her child was excluded in front of others. That is just the wrong thing for her to do! I hope your son is ok and that it all gets worked out!

Take care,

paulgoodwin Premium
You must speak to the other people there and get it sorted out as the kids are the reflection of the parents
DawnHall1 Premium
Sorry to hear that.I certainly understand as I too went through that kind of behavior. As a mom. Bottom line is ,we hurt for them when they've been wronged in some way.As parents ,we do all we can to protect our children, especially things that can cause emotional scarring. I would use this opportunity to sit down with your son and turn it into a life lesson. Principles of love , and forgiveness. He'll be fine, just give lots of love.
onmyownterms Premium
First of all, I would take the parent aside and advise what she did was way out of line, and if she couldn't afford presents for all the children, then she shouldn't hand them out at the school. Invite the three 'friends' to a play date and exchange the presents there. Explain why this upset you, etc. You have every right to stand up for your child.