Building Websites for Clients by Jay Neill


Building Websites for Clients by Jay Neill in Note Form

There are several important factors in Building Websites for Clients:

  • Are you ready? How good are you at adding Plug-ins and Pages & Posts? Adding a theme and making Menus in the Footer etc? Do you feel confident that you can do it? Web building skills? User experience skills? SEO Skills? Do you have a proven model to show the client?
  • Can you understand your clients needs, make the pitch and win the sale? Making the pitch is all about listening to the client-what they want! Winning the sale is about telling them what you can do for them!
  • Making the pitch-what do they want the website to do? CTA (CALL TO ACTION) :CALL/CLICK OR COME BY?
  • WINNING THE SALE: Do Not talk Geek to a Client! Dumb it down!!!
  • Develop site using WP: Proof elements are huge - an existing Website & Ranking - make a Case Study Siterubix Subdomain example. "WE CAN DO THE SAME FOR YOU". Hand your computer - "google housecleaning Victoria" where you have a website that youve done on first page of google....that's my client right the top! Pay attention to Future Client body language - interested if leaning in and eyebrows up;arms crossed - not winning them "What is the cost?" Repeat "WE CAN DO THE SAME FOR YOU!"
  • Client Q&A: Cost & How long will it take?Variable and difficult to answer. First thing you say - Google provides a link- to not hire anyone who guarantees results because Google changes things all the time. "BETWEEN YOU AND ME I CAN GET YOU THE RESULTS BUT I JUST CANNOT GUARANTEE THE RESULTS"!
  • Develop site using WordPress-Buy and USE a Development Domain A so client can see site being built- once done will be merged: use a Premium theme- buy it and you can use it over and over and over-you can change colours etc...ton of diversification.
  • Get really good at using the theme you have bought and own! Makes each subsequent site easier and quicker to build.You pay for that cost!
  • Get their Hex Colour code number for their Brand colors
  • Image editing program-Jay uses photoshop
  • Contact Plugin "Form 7" to Capture Leads..Contact form 7 or Gravity Forms
  • An image widget gallery..image kit?
  • An SEO Plugin
  • Anti spamming plugin Akismet
  • After site complete then add a caching Plugin
  • Apply SEO to site-build it as you go with each page do the Meta Description, Meta part of build - Brand Name & Name of Page
  • :Initial SEO free but RANKING FOR A SPECIFIC KEYWORD IS AN ADD-ON SERVICE-they say I want to rank for Emergency Plumbing in Seattle - that is something to charge for- an "ADDED VALUE SERVICE"
  • Everything is optimized - the Search Engines can easily read your site for you....any additional keywords are chargeable
  • What to charge? $50/hour for a beginner -usually 10 hours work for 5 page site including: home/about/services/reviews/FAQ/contact (2 hours per page)
  • $500 for a 5 page website
  • Boutique firms $150-$200/hour
  • Clients prefer Package Rate- Single Price showing all the work that is to be done!
  • $1000=up to 10 pages based on X amount hours for X amount $
  • Each page you build costs $100
  • You dont even need to reveal your hourly rate
  • If you have any idea what they want they may begin to haggle-give them the breakdown only if they ask for it!
  • When to get paid? 50 % Retainer on the Agreement of the work - $500 before you start - it's like a deposit! Be able to accept payment via Credit Cards. Literally call it a "50% Retainer and once we receive payment we are excited to get started".
  • Once done, you get the other 50% before you hand over the site.
  • Make this a standard practice, even for friends and family!
  • Once you have final payment, transfer site from your own info domain, then you can merge it over to their domain.
  • 75% time people have their own domain and hosting but if no hosting, you can sign them up through Host Gator - charge them $10-$15-$20/month for Hosting.
  • "Managed Hosting" - you create a new email and give them the Password=UPSELL
  • Billing - Freshbooks
  • Credit Card Processing - Stripe (integrates with Freshbooks) & Square & Paypal (PP has a monthly fee for the Business side; none for the other 2)
  • SEO Plugin - All in One SEO versus Yoast
  • Local SEO - Bright Local
  • Project Management - Gsuite - Google Docs for Work versus Basecamp Trello
  • Review Tools GetFiveStars
  • Social Media Management - PromoRepublic (FB only) +/- SocialPilot (pre-populate posts)


SEE WEBINAR-It's the list of services that will be done!

Jay will share this with us as a PDF File - an 11 page standard proposal for clients!

As Jay says "It's EXTRA FANCY PANTS"

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I have been running WorldHorizons Web for over 25 years and have charged between $650 basic sites - $9,500 extensive work and detailed sites (with all prices imaginable in between!) and charge $50 monthly hosting. I have now moved my business to WA and design them here, as I have more plugins and tools to work with. I am moving all my clients sites here one by one, redesigning and upgrading their sites for a lower cost. Great post, Dr. Barb!

Hey, I have a quick question for you:)

I'm helping someone build their site, and I'm doing SEO and marketing. How do you normally manage Google Analytics and Google Console for your clients?

Do you set them up under you? Or under the client somehow?

Thanks in advance!


Hey Erica! You can actually hook up GA and GC right in your SEO All in One plugin and manage the traffic there. Let me know how you do! Happy to help!

Erin :)!

ohhhhh, let me check that out :) thank you!

And for a brand new site, that I have to set up the Analytics for?

Hi Erin!

Thank you so much!

It was a fantastically detailed FRIDAY EVENING WEBINAR that Jay put together for us!

I believe several others provide a similar service as both you and Jay do for others !

It’s good for WA-Drs to know that all of their hard learned Skill Sets are VERY VALUABLE in the real world!

Your friend,

Barb of Easy-Moneys

Great great question Erica!

And, equally fantastic answer ERIN!

Isn’t WA wonderful!

True helpful teamwork!

Gotta love it!


Hi Erica...hopefully @herinnelson will get back to you shortly...


Absolutely! Just put your Google Analytics ID# in the space provided. Also, please note that Google Console was Webmaster Tools and it is still listed as WT in SEO All In One. Happy designing!

Erin :)!

Hi Barb! Nice to run into you!

Erin :)!

Sorry, I'm never very clear...
I understand to put the Google Analytics ID in All In One...

But do I set up the new website under my Google Analytics User ID, or the clients?

And if I set it up under my ID, is it easy to transfer over to the owner at a later date?

Thanks, Erin!


It all depends who is managing the site. I usually manage my client's sites and have one Google Analytics account with all my sites and client sites listed. It's easier for me to track all the sites in one place. I manage my client's sites so that I know what pages I need to work on more.

However, if my client takes their site over after I've designed it, then they can add their site to their own GA account. I'm not sure if there's a way to transfer it. I could look into that for you, though.

Erin :)!

Hi Erin!

Greatful for your technical knowledge and sharing!


My sincere pleasure, my friend!!

Thanks Erin! That was the answer I was after:)

That's ok, don't worry about looking more into that - I might insist the client sets it up now too:)

Thanks so much!


WOW!!! Thank you!

You are most welcome!

Great checklist.

Glad you like it Alan!


This is great stuff. Thanks.

You are most welcome!

Happy to act as secretary for Jay!


Now he wants a coffee!

Thanks for all your work summarizing all the main points, much appreciated!

My pleasure Paul!

It was an extremely detailed Magistudios Webinar by Jay with key & crucial details!

He is most generous in his sharing and teaching with us here at WA!

We are so fortunate to have him as one of our valuable expert mentors!


Great summary Barbara .. Thank you .. Cheers, William.

Thank you William!

That means a lot coming from you!


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