My 5 Year Anniversary with Wealthy Affiliate! One of My Best Decisions

Last Update: Jun 12, 2021

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Yesterday was officially my 5 year anniversary of being a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I will never forget when I took a chance and made the decision to sign up as a free starter member.

I had just been laid off from a job and I wanted to make a real effort at earning an income with affiliate marketing.

During that time, I ended up applying for and getting a full-time retail job. At the same time, I put up a WordPress blog and had no idea what I was going to do with it.

I didn't want to waste a lot of time trying to learn how to make money with a website on my own. I only knew that starting a website was a low-cost and easy way for me to start affiliate marketing.

I began searching for an online course that would teach me how to earn income using a niche website and fortunately, I found Wealthy Affiliate.

Best of all, it was free to try out! I was so excited because what was being taught was exactly what I needed. By lesson 2 I became a Premium member.

It was one of the best investments I have ever made.

By following the training and applying what I learned, I was able to transition out of that retail job to work on my website full-time.

I certainly made a lot of mistakes along my journey and I continue to learn new things every day.

Take Advantage of Everything Offered Here

If you are new to WA, you have access to a goldmine of knowledge and experience.

I understand the excitement of wanting to earn commissions right away. After helping many people that I've referred to the platform, I have come across some common questions and scenarios. Below is my advice:

Don't Skip the Training

The Online Entrepreneur Certification training is the foundation of building a successful business online. If you skim through it or don't start it at all, you're doing yourself a disservice. Take each lesson and if you need help, reach out to the community.

There isn't a Shortcut

It's easy to get caught up in all of the information online in regard to affiliate marketing and assume there is a secret method that works faster. I recommend devoting your time to the training here and putting it into action. Your time will be better spent. There isn't a shortcut. It will take consistent effort to reach your goals.

Your Website is Your Business

As you complete each lesson, you are building your business. Remember that and it will keep you motivated to push through during the times that you may feel frustrated. All businesses take time to grow. Treat your website as your business because it is!

Don't Quit On Yourself

There were many times I felt like giving up, especially at the very beginning of my journey. Thank goodness I didn't! It takes discipline to build a business. You're going to make mistakes and that's ok! However, learn from them and don't quit because of them. Time is going to pass no matter what. Make the most of your time and put into action what you learn here. You will be amazed at what you'll accomplish as you make progress.

Closing Thoughts

Wealthy Affiliate only continues to get better year after year. It truly has been one of the best investments I have made in terms of achieving my goal of building an online business.

You have access to the same training, tools, and supportive community.

Continue taking action and staying consistent!

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Hi Eartha. Congratulations on your anniversary here with WA. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am fairly new here and I have felt some of the frustrations you are talking about. I am not going to give up tho; I am determined to go all the way with this. I especially liked what you said about time. "No matter what, time is going to pass, so make the most of your time and put into action what you learn." love it! Again congratulations!

Hi Virginia! Yes, time is going to pass so why not create an online business? Follow the training here and put it into action. You'll be amazed at what you'll accomplish. I wish you much success in your online business! :)

Hi Eartha,

Congrats to you on your 5-year anniversary. I read you posts from time to time, and you've come a long way.

I'm glad to see you be successful in affiliate marketing using the WA training and resources. Your advice is clear and simple, and the training works if you follow the lessons and take action.

Kudos to you, all the best on your continued success!



Hi Eric! Glad to hear from you. Thank you so much! :)

Congratulations on your 5 year journey, Eartha
Wishing you many, many more to come

Hi Simone! Thank you so much! Wishing you all the best. :)

You're welcome ;)

Happy 5th Anniversary Eartha!
All the best on the rest of your affiliate journey.


Thank you, Melanie! I wish you much success as well! :)

You're very welcome.

Congratulations on 5 year with WA.

Happy WAnniversary 🎊👍🏼
Great achievement my friend 😊


I appreciate it, Chigs! Thank you! :)

You're welcome 😊

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