Last Update: Jan 28, 2020

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So, I just had to share this since, I realize how content and blogs are very helpful to people as how it has been very helpful to me since I started working online.

Writing was never one of my favorite thing, I would read a lot of things, but never liked writing, especially if it is a long story or article.

After Joining Wealthy Affiliate and following the training, I swiftly realize that if you're going to be in the online business, you definitely have to know to write your own content to be successful, in online/affiliate marketing, in simple terms, it is a way to speak, correspond, and relate to your customers or potential, customers, to whom you promote many more things, that you might have to sell., by placing links to other products or information.

It should be useful and helpful to people, and as long you can help others, they will trust you and buy from you cause you were helpful to them in some form or the other.

What it also does if it is written correctly is, filled your website with meaningful content filled with rich keywords, which in turn drives traffic to your website. I can't say it more simple than that.

When I started working online, I started as an affiliate Marketer, and even with a little experience with word press, all I used to do was, build out landing pages with call to action on them. Heard before about content writing too, but never did much of it, since I used to only build out those pages with little or no content on them.

Now Since I Join Wealthy Affiliate only in Dec., I have learned so much of the importance of keyword rich content on your website, of course in the training Kyle continue to tell you about writing content , now I've been writing so much, in just a few days, I think I can now write for others, and certainly doing better than others.

In Ending- You can never go wrong by writing your own content, I know I'm not perfect just yet, but I also know I certainly get better than I was before, The main point I used, is to be conversational with people just as if I'm actually speaking to them and it quickly became way easier for me, time you know it, I done write a lot without realizing how much I did so quickly... I encourage you to follow the training, and you will get better at writing your own content, that must benefit you in the long run.

Hope this was helpful or open some eye in some way.

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Writing does get easier as we go along. I wish you all the best.

oh yeah, its certainly getting easier for me

I find that thinking of content and then writing is the fun of this whole enterprise.

Content certainly is king, Earl!

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