Bunch of garbage !

Last Update: May 14, 2019

Bunch of garbage.

Garbage, garbage, and garbage everywhere.

Would you eat someone’s garbage?

I would like to think your answer is No, but is it really?

For an example, while having cup of Joe at work on my break, I was thinking of the training that I read with WA before I arrived at work this morning.

My wheels spinning with excitement of where our future was heading. Speaking affirmation to myself( on the inside) ha.

Then Miss Sally Sourpuss arrives.

Miss Sally Sourpuss begins the negative junk, of how terrible our job is and then begins trashing our co-workers.

I am thrilled that we do have a choice to how we respond to negative things that come our way.

By gosh, we know those things roll toward us.


As my friend Scarlett would say “As in Absolutely Vodka! Ha

Anyway, as Miss Sourpuss and others began their chant I just could not be part of it .

I will not drink the Kool Aide.

Nope not even for a second. ( yes I am building a business so I can be my own boss no doubt)

However, while I am still employed I want to be the best employee that I can be. I want to show my character and truly focus on the positive.

Why? Why the heck not ?

Of course there are days that I do not look forward to those 18 hour shifts, but you know what?

While I am there I will give my best while thinking these long hours and negative people are a driving force for me to be more active re our business .

So while there is garbage everywhere I do not have to eat it, do you ?

What do you do when garbage rolls your way?

How do you make it a positive?

Please share your skill set?

Thank you in advance for your education,

Elaine and Scarlett

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LLettau1 Premium Plus
In every workplace there is always a few we blankets around poised to suppress your flames of good cheer and positive energy.
Freedomseekr Premium
It's very hard to stay positive around negative people...I too, hear a lot of negativity while I'm at my part time job, and in some cases, if they could only hear themselves, they'd realize how bad it sounds...being negative all the time, like your Sally Sourpuss, doesn't put someone in a positive light.

Like yourself, I believe in making the best of things, whether I like being there or not, so rather than participate in dragging others down further, I try my best to change the mood of the conversation. Either just smiling and not really saying anything or sometimes even saying something a bit off the wall or unexpected of me to get them to laugh, which usually works to get them off their negative rants.

But sometimes I just get strange looks, which works somewhat too since it made them forget what they were complaining about for a bit anyways. Then I just walk away while they're still wondering what to think of it, lol.

Reminds me of yesterday's conversation with one of my coworkers...she'd been complaining about things at work and when she said "oh, I just want to go home right now!" I replied, "Well, I've wanted to go home since 6 a.m." which she wasn't expecting me to say, so she ended up laughing, saying "what do you mean, 6 a.m...you start at 6!

Anyways, wow! 18 hour shifts...and I thought 16 hour shifts were bad! But, yes, I believe it can also be a very motivating and driving force to get your business going. It worked to motivate me out of having to work full time at my job...now just to get rid of the part time one soon and be working from home full time!

Thanks for sharing, Elaine and Scarlett! Haha, excellent title, btw, you got my attention!

Best wishes :) ~Sherry
JaneMahlehle Premium
Sometimes it can be hard to hear negative words. I would put on my ear pods and listen to something positive.
elores Premium
Think positive about your goal every day and the time when you will finally be your own boss. All the best.
Socialbug766 Premium
Walk away, just walk away.