My Experience with WA Trainings.So Far

Last Update: April 09, 2016

I consider myself a newbie in the affiliate marketing. Yes, I have watched tons of videos on YouTube, read lots of reviews on different opportunities, have spent money on programs that were not helpful at all, have been scammed, not once – but; well, let’s just say more than I want to admit. I did this for a very long time.

Let me give you my definition of “being scammed”. I got involved in business(es) that did not last long. One moment they were hot like the world was coming to an end and most people were just jumping on them. The next moment, they were nowhere to be found. Search engines returned no results on them, their broken links were everywhere…that’s what I mean. Even accessing their website directly said they “the site can not be reached” or you see the 404 error….

The only thing that I signed up with that’s still in existence today is ClickBank. I have had their account for quite awhile now but I never really done anything with it as I just did not quite know how to market their products nor did I dedicate enough time to learning how. This was absolute costly mistake that I made. Not putting in the time to learn.

I would try a thing here and there but if nothing worked, I gave up and concluded that online biz opportunities were dead ends. I always wanted quick results so I joined the ones who overpromised and under delivered. Looking back, now wonder I got scammed. What was I thinking?

Now, I joined WA community - almost a month in with them as of this writing. My first take on the program was” pretty impressive”. I intend to stay with WA and grow with it. I am liking the part of taking a step by step to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

What I like the MOST about WA:

  • WA associates are very helpful! They share resources, offer feedbacks, answer questions in timely manner
  • Flexibility – learn at your own pace
  • Well put together program
  • All in one package – hosting, customer support,…
  • Blogs / posts written by the members
  • Price
  • Incentives – like the Vegas trip….

What I like the least:

I am Not a big fan of all the tasks that Kyle assigns in the classrooms, certification courses, affiliate classroom and bootcamp. No offense Kyle. I know you mean well and I appreciate that. The tasks force me out of my comfort zone sometimes and that’s what I need. They help me apply what I leaned and they are a great method of making sure the material is understood. Excellent work, Kyle!


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Hannah-W Premium
I totally agree with you Udoh - WA is amazing we are all lucky to have found it!
Mac01 Premium
Well done, Udoh, thanks for sharing your experience so far. Keep up the good work and enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)