New Year's Resolution

Last Update: January 13, 2015

Hello everyone,

My New Year's Resolution is to "Make better use of my time".

That being said; I wish to inform you that if you try to Google+, Pinterest me to be added Please Be ADVISED: If you do not have a profile posted you will automatically be deleted.

I take the time to read your profile and other info. , If you do not have a profile posted to WA, and external sites I will delete you. I like to get to know you and what you are about before connecting to you.

So please do not send me any requests to join, accept as friend, or join circle, etc., etc...

If you post a profile and wish to resubmit you will be considered.

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KatieMac Premium
makes it hard to know people if they have no profile
kennnyb Premium
Not too sure what you are talking about but please delete me if you choose. Bye
dynamite8 Premium
I have a lot of new followers that have no profile. I like to read a profile before I follow back. Kind of get to know them.
Debbi26 Premium Plus
That's fair. I like to see them and know a little about them before I follow.
Christabelle Premium
I like getting to know the people as well! :)
AndyJ Premium
Good Stuff! :)