WP Plugins: Keeping the number of them down where possible

Last Update: March 17, 2015

WP Plugins and keeping the number of them down is important for the performance of your WP website. WA suggest that the limit should be 5. Earlier today I added a WP Plugin called "WP Content Copy Protection", bringing me to 6.

So what to do? One of the plugins I use was called "Exclude Pages from Navigation". I learned a way to exclude pages without using this plugin. So I tested these theories first, found out they worked for me, so I went ahead with the following process.

Always important to test ideas first.

So I disabled the "Excludes Pages from Navigation" WP Plugin. Went to my site and saw a number of "excluded pages". As expected.

Then I went to my WP Dashboard, then Appearance, then Menus. Then I created a new menu called "MyMainMenu" and saved it. Then I added pages to this menu and saved them. Then on Menu Settings for this menu, under Theme location, I ticked on the "Primary Menu". And Saved it.

Then I opened up a new browser session to my website. And confirmed that the menu was correct.

Then I removed the "Exclude Pages from Navigation" WP Plugin.

Job Done.

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RRasmussen Premium Plus
I have done the same thing. Works just fine for me!
DynamicDavid Premium
That's great.
SowAndReap Premium Plus
Dave you are very techie, That's pretty awesome. :)
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Absolutely only use a plug-in in my book when there is no other way of doing things. Always make sure not just to deactivate plug-ins but to delete them if you're not using them because at some point down the line they will create problems for you