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Last Update: September 28, 2018

Hey, I was researching keywords and found an EXCELLENT site to help with keyword ideas:

The Gadget Flow is a website that lists new and expensive products in all markets. A lot of these products are high end, expensive and have new technologies (meaning you can be the first to write about them).

If you're looking to create some extremely low competition best of lists, this website can help you. In fact, you can find keywords where you'll rank without the word "best" too.

For example, I typed in bike ( and immediately saw some great keywords:

The Best electric bike conversion kit - 153 search, 28 QSR

Best bike GPS tracker - 48,8

Google "best electric bike conversion kit" and what do you notice? The 5th results has "2017" in the title! Google loves new content and you can easily rank in the top 5 for that keyword.

Google "Best bike GPS tracker" and what do you notice? There's basically no competition for this keyword (there's only 3 results on page 1 that are even best of lists and they're all the top 3 results).

Now type in "bike gps tracker" and what do you notice? The first results is a best of list! In fact, all 3 best of lists show up on page one for "bike gps tracker" and that search results gets 210 searches. But there's also "bicycle gps tracker" that gets 189 searches, "bike gps tracking" that gets 79 searches, "gps tracker for bike" gets 160 searches and so on.

Best bike gps tracker may only get you 48 searches but if you add up all the other variations you can rank for and you'll most likely get over 1,000 clicks a month to this article in time.

I've ranked for keywords like this (small traffic with "best" and more traffic without it) and no from first hand experience they can bring in over 1,000 clicks a month.

There could even be a chance, in time, you rank for "electric bike conversion kit" if you write the that post well and that gets over 3,000 searches alone.

Hope this helps!

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Calvinator63 Premium
Great information There Dylan,

Thanks for sharing it's always nice to see a post coming from you never know what to expect. You are providing this community with some very helpful resources thanks you for being so generous.

Now it is up to each of us to utilize those resources not our daily practices to achieve your level of repeated success.

Greatly appreciated,

SAWalden Premium
Oh my...this is a great site and not just for keywords! Better than QVC!
I frequent a similar site The Grommet - add .com and that should take you there. A treasure trove of original products that may serve as inspiration for keywords, niche topics and product ideas.

Biene14 Premium
Thanks for another great post. I understand how you would be able to rank for lots of different but similar keywords but doesn’t that also work the other way around so the qsr figure doesn’t give a true reflection of the level of competition that you would face?
dylanrieger Premium
I'd say QSR is accurate but traffic may not
CherylK Premium
Thanks, Dylan. I'm working on the suggestions from your" 6 Figure" training and trying to figure out how to use it in my niche which is pretty narrow with lots of competition.

I obviously didn't do a good job with keywords when I created it!! I'm a pretty good writer and I do love the niche. I'm not even focusing on 6 figures...just would like to get more visitors and a few extra bucks a week to start!

My point is, I'll have better luck with this new tool you're using so that's a good thing!

Your training is top notch! Thanks, again.
babyboomer23 Premium
Great information as always. Sincere thanks- Jeff
MKearns Premium
Thank you Dylan. Always good to have another SEO assistance source!
capri16 Premium
Dylan, excellent site ! tks to share it
Eli47 Premium
I'm your fan when it comes to your ideas and resourcefulness. This is one of them. Thanks for sharing it here.
PPeveto Premium
Thanks Dylan
Wow this is great! Thanks for this shared info!
I will definitely be using this!
feigner Premium
Thanks for this Dylan. appreciate it.
marycmiller Premium
Thanks for sharing Dylan, I am going to check it out. Have a great weekend.
Vickic3 Premium
Very cool indeed Dylan
I just went and signed up
Thank you for this - You rock
anusuya1 Premium
Great sharing. Thank you, Dylan.
CandP Premium
This is awesome, Dylan! We will save this and check into it right away.
Thank you!
Colette and Philip