Still Having Indexing Problems

Last Update: April 27, 2022

Just checking in and seeing if people are still having indexing issues.

I'm still having issues with indexing.

It's taking months for most of my content to index and it's been this way since September 2021.

Additionally, I started a new site In mid-December and not a single post has indexed yet (around 60 or so posts).

Most of the content is around 2500 words and I'm following all of SEO best practices.

In the past I've been able to almost break 4 figures a month in under 5 months.

I'm getting indexed into Bing immediately and getting great results from that traffic.

But Google is still having serious issues.

If you're having similar experiences or had similar experiences I'd like to hear about it and what you're doing to fix it.

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Mikol-Rrsq Premium
Hey Dylan,

You may wanna try this concept here >>> then lets us know how it goes.

LMH1968 Premium Plus
My posts are hit and miss some get indexed and are on page 1 within 24 hours and some are still not indexed.

I have been submitting the URL to the search console which is something I never did before this issue began last September but, it doesn't seem to make any difference.

No problem with Bing and Yahoo.

In site content, the little G doesn't seem to change colour even when the post is on Google so it's not accurate to check that way anymore.

Like you, I don't know what else to do.
Andrew888 Premium
I now have 38 posts not indexed with Google, beginning 5 months ago. During that time, 25 posts have been indexed.

All my content gets indexed with Bing and often ends up on the first page and even in the featured snippet.

I thought of beginning a new site, but after reading your comments above, I'm not going to yet!

I have asked around for several months now, and have not found any solution yet.....
Please let us know if you do, because really, why continue if things are not going to improve?
Andrew888 Premium
I've recently been writing a topic cluster, as per ParthaB's suggestions (Allow Me To Blow Your Topic Cluster Mind!) to try and generate some authority around a central keyword. The articles are all written around questions people are asking within google.

I am also engaging more in site comments to show google that people are engaging with these articles in the hopes that they will soon become indexed.....

If this doesn't work, then I'll consider pulling the plug, so to speak!
west2000 Premium
I have been experiencing this since the end of December...and like you, have been following all the same strategies. Frustrating. Plus I see other inconsistencies so I don't know what truly is indexed. I'm going to read up on what Phil has suggested. Good luck to you.

phil1944 Premium
No guarantees, Dylan, but this worked for me:
Andrew888 Premium
I tried your methods on a couple of my posts, but unfortunately, it made no difference.
phil1944 Premium
I'm sorry to hear that, Dylan. Thanks for letting me know.