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Hello guys, I am finally BACK! I'm off to a trip to Thailand, It's really awesome and full of excitement because it is my first time travelling by own. I really love the massage & foods over there. Everything is so cheap.To be honest, My brain was totally shut throughout the whole trip. And after a long charge, now I'm getting my ass back on the chair and continue building my online business. You know I really wanted to bring my laptop over there to blog & do my online work but the lo
December 31, 2015
Hi everyone :)Today the last day in Wealthy Affiliate of 2015 LOL! And tomorrow I'll be total new coming back to Wealthy Affiliate.... kay stop my nonsense. Here comes with an update of month December 2015, My first month in Wealthy Affiliate. Start from next year/tomorrow, I will be updating my progress, my monthly achievement & also my monthly goal regardless of online marketing, offline marketing or even my life goals.You need to be motivated.Achievement of December 2015- Planned 3 ways
December 30, 2015
Recently, I am struggling from tons of family problems and also financial problems..That's why I'm eagerly want to become success either online marketing and offline marketing which I'm currently working on it. The problem is I am inexperience enough... I can't do anything but keep on learning now... I'm like a "Baby who crying for the milk". And literally got overwhelming and exhausted when I keep on trying to push myself over the limit.I don't feel like sharing what I encountered now but I kn
Hello WA buddies,I just wanted to share my experience throughout these 7 days in Wealthy Affiliate, mostly to the new members which is are still considering to go Premium.Premium members are welcomed too :) Before I start please listen to me, I'm not a techie guy with computer science background, I know almost nothing about coding, internet marketing or whatever related to earning revenue online but I know that there is a way to earn money online so I keep on trying to look for a platform which