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Last Update: April 06, 2021

When I first started working on a computer in the early 80's, I used to go through a monitor a month because I couldn't see from all the whiteout I needed to correct mistakes. Back then, programs didn't have sophisticated spelling and grammar check.

This is just a quick post to remind people to proof read articles from the title to the captions on images. More and more, I see errors that should be obvious if the author is proof reading. I think that most readers will overlook, miss or forgive poor grammar or punctuation. Spelling on the other hand sticks out making an article look unfinished and unprofessional.

If you are like me, you find proof reading on a monitor difficult. Sometimes, I print out a piece to read it and circle mistakes. In any case, it has to be done. Simple typos or mispellings can be off-putting to readers. Take the time to proofreed as you "Keep on Fisshin'."

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ActionJacks Premium
Thank you for your blog post I could not agree more. When I am doing website comments here I sometimes encounter websites that are riddled with spelling errors. It is almost like they did not learn in the training that there is a spell and grammar checker included on the site publishing platform with our WA membership.

I think most people will forgive an occasional typo, but you are certainly correct that they make things look unprofessional! I edit my wife's blog posts and she does mine, its amazing the things another person can catch that we just don't see.

Although I am a pretty good speller, sometimes grammar mistakes are invisible to me. When I was doing college before for my Bachelor's we had a "writing center" to help. Now that I am doing online college classes for my Masters, I have started drafting my papers in the WA publisher to help me spot mistakes, it is an amazing tool!
JeannineC Premium
One of the best tips I ever got about proofreading was to read the post backwards. Misspelled words leap out at you.

Always make sure to read the headlines; lots of typos there are never caught because in the haste of trying to proofread something, headlines are often skipped.

Finally, read a post out loud. Best way possible to catch grammatical errors and other issues.
drjec Premium
Wow! That's a great idea about going through something backwards. I would never have thought of that. Thanks for taking the time to read and for that valuable comment.
Suzay Premium Plus
You crack me up Jim, but of course there will be errors, even on a post about proof reading.

Well darn it, it's your post #500, so that is such a smile stone! Congratulations! You have accomplished very much.
I am happy to have spellcheck. I have a much broader vocabulary than my computer.
I am always having to be patient with myself because this #$%^!! keyboard has a huge error maker, I think it was called "active keyboard" and it is a nasty mutation from another planet!!!!

If I wasn't such a poor girl I would have ditched this laptop long ago. I spend lots of time fixing whatever I write, because it messes up and types into other lines, Ugh.

Oh well, my typing has gotten better. Better yet I got to read this post, and praise you for #500!

Thank you Jim :>)
drjec Premium
Thanks. I didn't realize that this was my 500th post. I still hate to proof read. Thanks again for you comment.
FKelso Premium Plus
When I finish writing a post, I first proofread it by reading it to look for errors. If a word is wrong, but still a word, the grammar check won't catch it.

After that's done, then I run it through the grammar check. I still miss a few, but get most errors that way.
drjec Premium
It does take a lot of work. Thanks for reading and offering the comment.
edhozubin Premium
Once you put it out there it is to late to get it back. Particularly when you spend a fair amount of time creating documents. It only takes around 5 minutes to have it spell and grammar checked at most. It has to be a Good Habit that has to be learned & remembered. Thanks for the Good Post & Share Jim.
drjec Premium
You are welcome. Thanks for reading and commenting.